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Badlapur To Ghajini: 10 Top Revenge Films In Bollywood

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Badlapur movie is all about revenge. Varun Dhawan who plays the lead actor in the movie seeks the revenge of his family's death.

The movie shows how his wife and son get killed by a goon and years later when he finds out who pulled the trigger, he seeks revenge for the death of his loved ones.

This is why the director, Sriram Raghavan has time and again been saying not to miss the beginning of the movie. First 15 mins of Badlapur is apparently very crucial for you to understand the movie.

This is not the first revenge story that we'll be seeing, In fact Bollywood film industry has flourished by making such revenge stores. Remember Karz, Agneepath, Zanjeer or even Ghajini? All these stories revolve around the lead actor seeking revenge for different reasons.

This time it's Varun Dhawan's turn, but just a few days back, chocolate boy, Shahid Kapoor too took up a serious role in Haider that of a son who seeks revenge from his uncle and mother for his father's death.

Only later he figures out that his mother was unaware and that all of it was planned by his uncle. How he plans to take revenge and how in the end he ends ups surviving his uncle's evil plans forms the crux of the story.

Wonder if Varun too will succeed in selling this revenge story as much as Shahid Kapoor was. Badlapur like Haider also has a strong cast consisting of Nawazuddin Siddqui, Huma Qureshi, Divya Dutta, Radhika Apte and Yami Gautam.

While Badlapur seems to be a kick ass revenge film, here are my choice of the top 10 revenge films in Bollywood that were brilliant and are entertaining even today.

See the list of top 10 revenge based movies...


Badlapur is a story of a man who after years finds the man responsible for his wife and son's death and seeks revenge.


Haider is a story of a young boy who finds out that his uncle was responsible for his father's death and therefore seeks revenge,


Agneepath is a story of a young kid whose father is killed by a local don forcing him and his family to flee their home. Years later he comes back to his homeland to seek revenge.


Ghajini is a story of a rich businessman whose lover gets killed by a don in front of his eyes. Though he suffers from amnesia, he finally takes the revenge of this loved one.

Gangs Of Waaseypur 2

The part 2 is centered on the Coal mafia of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, and the underlying power struggles, politics and vengeance between three crime families.


Khaani is a story of a woman seeking revenge of her husband's death in a poison-gas attack. But till the end of the movie you would not realize what the actual story is. A must watch.

Ek Hasina Thi

This is a story about a young girl who goes to jail for her boyfriend's underworld crimes. When she gets out of jail, she seeks revenge of all the troubles she went through.


Police officer Vijay gets jailed on false charges by a gang leader Teja. When he gets out of jail, he seeks revenge for all the injustice done to him.


Baazigar is a story of a young boy who seeks the revenge of his father's death from a man who embezzled his family of all their wealth.


Ravi is killed by his wife, later when he is reborn he remembers his past life and want was done to him. He later seeks revenge from the person who had killed him in his last birth.

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