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10 Bollywood Celebs Who Slammed Media For Fake News

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There is no denial from the fact that Bollywood celebrities need media attention for their success and they always intend to share a cordial relationship with the news people.

However, sometimes things get bitter when the same Bollywood stars are dragged into headlines for something that is not true and then starts a fight between the celebs and media.

Bollywood is a very big world which is always active with various news, gossips and sometimes fake news. Several stars like Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sonakshi Sinha, Nargis Fakhri among others have become victims of fake news which for obvious reasons made the celebs angry.

While, some celebrities expressed their wrath for getting misquoted, some others slammed media for framing false link-ups and break-ups.

With the advent of social networking sites, everyone got an easy and more accessible platform to express their views and so did Bollywood stars.

Many celebrities from B-Town took to Twitter to express their anger on the fake news and made their version of the story available. Though, most of the media houses stick to facts and reliable sources, there are some unwanted exceptions who sometimes unnecessarily sensationalise stuffs or frame a fake news all together.

While, there are several cases of fake news being reported about Bollywood stars, here's a list of 10 Bollywood fake news and the eventual reaction of the concerned celebs...

Shilpa shetty

It was reported that Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra was arrested in connection to IPL betting. However, later Raj and Shilpa denied the news and slammed media for framing it. Shilpa Shetty tweeted, "Really upset with the media fr casting aspersions without any proof, making derogatory statements..Uncalled for and not to be tolerated(sic)."

Sonakshi Sinha

Salman Khan reportedly made Sonakshi Sinha cry at Arpita Khan's wedding. The actress reacted strongly to the fake news saying, "And the award for best fiction goes to (reporter name) from (publication name). U have to read the rubbish he has written today (sic)."

Ranveer Singh

One publication reported that Ranveer Singh was suffering from depression after the death of a friend. However, Ranveer denied it saying, "Talk about Monday morning blues. Picked up yesterday's paper and read this 'fairy tale' of my depression about an intensely personal tragedy. Much worse, it was shamelessly aligned with another person's conflict and both these unrelated stories were made to connect for a sensational effect; deplorable to say the least. Figment of one's imagination now taken to another level, in which there's a dramatic twist about a therapist too! Ludicrous! Obviously, the journo didn't bother to check the veracity of this 'news' with me or any one of my representatives- Appallingly unethical! Classic case of utterly IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM. Is there any accountability? Or is the power of the pen now the terror of the pen? (sic)"

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan received much appreciation for his performance in Badlapur but one thing that made the actor angry was an interview which apparently misquoted him saying that he was expecting the film to enter 100 crore club. The actor denied it and posted on Twitter, "There's is an article doing the rounds where I have been misquoted I have not spoken about the 100 cr club and badlapur entering it (sic)."

Shweta Basu Prasad

Shweta Prasad Basu's prostitution case received huge attention, especially a report came out with Shweta's statement. The report stated that the actress confessed to be into prostitution, primarily to support her family financially. Later, the actress denied the news and expressed grief at being falsely quoted.

Hrithik Roshan

There were reports that Hrithik Roshan's wife demanded Rs 400 crores as alimony for divorce. Hirthik claimed it to be false saying, "Fabricated news articles. Demeaning my loved ones. Testing my patience (sic)"

Arjun Rampal

Reports suggested that Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia were thinkig to file divorce which Arjun denied and slammed media calling it 'fake'. "My wife and I where at Bandra court filing a divorce? Say,Midday&few others. U know it's really easy to find that out. Did u bother? #fakepress (sic)," he tweeted.

Nargis Fakhri

Nargis Fakhri slammed media after reports came out stating that the actress refused to work with Bobby Deol. The actress reacted tweeting, "Unverified info seems 2b the media norm. How can i decline work that I've never been offered?! #GetYoFactsRight (sic)"

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone did a remake of the famous Aishwarya Rai song 'Dhol Baaje' and obviously the sizzling diva was being compared to Ash. However, one publication quoted Sunny saying that she hates being compared with Aishwarya. Angry Sunny soon replied on Twitter, "Nothing more frustrating then certain press and media people who have selective hearing and write what they feel like instead of the truth. (sic)"

Aamir Khan

One Pakistani publication quoted Aamir Khan saying, "None of the clerics in any Islamic society calls himself a messenger of God, or someone who can contact his God. Every cleric, no matter how senior he is, learns from the book of Allah, The Holy Quran, and preaches from it." However, Aamir's lawyer called the interview as fake and stated, "he impersonation is a very serious infringement of our client's rights, and we will take legal recourse. Mr Khan will be filing a criminal complaint with the Cyber crime Cell, Mumbai Police after he returns to Mumbai."

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