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15 Controversial Banned Bollywood Movies You Must Watch

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Bollywood movies getting banned by the Indian Censor Board is not a new thing, while most of the time they don't make sense, sometimes they do put across valid points.

Two recent Bollywood films have got banned by the Indian Censor Board, one being Unfreedom which is based on lesbian lovers with an Islamic terrorism angle. The movie got accused of "igniting unnatural passions" and could release in very few states.

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Another film which came close to getting banned is Mastizaade, yes Sunny Leone's flick was deemed to be vulgar by the Indian Censor Board and therefore got sent to the revising committee who made a lot of cuts to the movie.

Unhappy with the cuts, the makers approached a tribunal court. Sadly, the court too found the film to be vulgar, the notice read, "There is no redeeming feature of any sort in the film. The film is only concerned with the exploration of the different parts of the human anatomy, both male and female, and is such as to deprave the minds of the audience."

It further reported, "We are thus constrained to hold that. Freedom of expression cannot and should not be interpreted as a license for the cine-magnates to make huge sums of money by pandering to shoddy and vulgar tastes".

While this movie deserve getting banned, check out the list of 15 banned Bollywood movies that have you must watch...

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This 2015 flick was based on lesbian lovers as well as Islamic terrorism. The censor board banned the movie except in few states citing it to be "igniting unnatural passions".

Dazed In Doon

This 2010, Ratna Pathak Shah's movie was based on a boy studying in the Doon School. A prestigious Doon School had objection with the makers as it showed the school in poor light and hence the film got banned.

Inshallah Football

This 2010 film was a documentary about a Kashmiri boy who is denied permission to travel the country as his father is accused of militancy. Censor board banned the movie owing to its sensitive subject.


This 2010 Bengali flick contained oral sex scenes as well as nude scenes which lead to it getting banned by the Indian censor board.


This 2008 flick got banned since it was based on a true story that took place amidst Gujarat Riots. Much later when the film did see the light of day, it received rave reviews.


This 2005 flick which was directed by Deepa Mehta and written by Anurag Kashyap dealt with controversial issues like ostracism and misogyny which the censor board did not like and so the film got banned.


This 2005 flick based on a boy, Azhar who goes missing during the Gujarat riots in the year 2002 was banned since the political parties were not ok with the release of the film.


This 2005 flick was based on a Kerala priest who falls for a woman and gets sexually involved with her. This upset the Catholics all over the country and even the Censor Board had problem with the intimate scenes in the film.

Black Friday

Yet another Anurag Kashyap's movie which got banned. This 2003 flick was based on Black Friday - The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts by S Hussain Zaidi, the movie was not allowed to release since the case was still not over in the court.


This 2003 film directed by Anurag Kashyap was based on the Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders that occurred in 1997. The extreme violent scenes and drug abuse in the movie lead to it getting banned.

The Pink Mirror

This film received rave reviews across the world at many film festivals, but the fact that it was based on two trans-sexuals and gay teenager seducing a straight man offended the Indian Censor Board who banned the movie.

Urf Professor

This Sharman Joshi-Anatara Mali flick directed by Pankaj Advani was banned by the Censor Board owing to the vulgar scenes in the movie, and also the use of abusive language.


This 1996 film directed by Mira Nair was based on four lovers in the 16th century. Owing to the sex scenes in the movie, Indian Censor Board banned it.


This 1996 film starring Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das was based on a lesbian relationship between two daughter-in-laws in a Hindu family. Strong protests from Shiv Sena and death threats to actors and director Deepa Mehta lead to the movie getting banned.

Bandit Queen

This 1994 movie directed by Shekar Kapur was based on the life of dacoit Phoolan Devi. The Indian censor board banned the movie owing to the abusive language use and sexual scenes in the movie.

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