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33 Cute Pics Of Deepika Padukone Making Funny & Weird Faces

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Deepika Padukone is one of the top actresses in Bollywood today, there was a time when people criticised her for her acting skills and calling her plastic but today the same critics have shut there mouth gaping at her super stardom.

While all of you have seen her acting capabilities, weird and cute expressions on-screen, we bet you have not seen those pictures of the actress being caught off guard doing the same.

Deepika is blessed with a killer smile and god given dimples that can make any man fall in love with her. But Deepika is not smiling all the time people her, there are many different moods to her, happy, sad, shocked, surprised, angry, irritated, agitated etc.

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So how does she look when she is in all these different moods, cute nonetheless people! We have compiled a number of photos of the actress from events, from paparazzi spotting, from airport spotting, party pics etc and no matter how weird her expressions get, the actress still manages to look gorgeous.

Well, only Deepika Padukone can do that! So let's check out these 33 pics of Deepika and check out her funny facial expressions...

Best One

We thought of starting off with the best expression of Deepika Padukone, her making funny faces.

Something Stuck?

Deepika Padukone giving a rather weird expression like food is stuck in between her teeth.

Don't Like It

Deepika Padukone did not like what she just heard!

What Are You Saying?

Deepika Padukone irritated and asking the person, "What Are You Saying?," at least that's what it seems to us.


Looks like she herself is surprised by the number of awards she has won.


Deepika Padukone broke into this funny gig as soon as she spotted shutterbugs taking her pics.


The actress seems quite happy with Ranveer Singh hugging her at the Finding Fanny premiere.


Deepika Padukone during the promotions of Finding Fanny.

Cute Derriere

Look at Deepika Padukone's cute little pose where she is showing off her cute derriere.


Deepika's most weird expression also looks so cute.

With SRK

Deepika having a ball during the promotion of Happy New Year.

SRK Pose

Deepika Padukone doing the famous SRK pose, taught to her by Shahrukh Khan himself.


Deepika Padukone pouting with a crew member on the sets of her film.

Super Duper Happy

Deepika Padukone's happiest expression and that too with Ranveer Singh by her side giving a shy expression.


Deepika Padukone kissing Shahrukh Khan during the promotions of Happy New Year.


A very weird expression and pose of Deepika, the cameraman definitely had a good laugh when he took this.


Looks like Deepika is irritated with whatever happened at the event this picture was taken.

Oh! God!

A funny expression of Deepika looking at somebody and going, "Oh! My God! Not You!"

Trying To Kiss Arjun

Deepika Padukone trying to kiss arjun in this selfie.

Bum Shake

Arjun and Deepika shaking their booty on KBC show.


Deepika Padukone tried and exhausted yet smiling and looking her best.


Deepika Padukone kissing Alia at the success party of Piku movie.

Miss India?

This is like that expression the winner of Miss India or Miss World gives.

Oh! No!

A very cute picture of Deepika Padukone saying, "Oh! No," we are taking a wild guess here.

Booty Dance With Big B

Deepika Padukone is seen shaking her booty with Amitabh Bachchan as well.


Deepika Padukone at an event, probably she is bored to death.

Laughing Hard

At AIB knockout show, when Deepika Padukone couldn't control her laughter.

Taking Pride

Look at Deepika Padukone taking pride in her man as he hugs her.

Huh! What?

We are at loss of words here... even we do not know what Deepika might be doing here.


Deepika Padukone had a very confused expression at an event.

Trying To Say Something

Deepika Padukone caught off guard at an event.


So this is how Deepika reacts when she is in shock.


Look at Deepika Padukone's perfect dimpled cute smile that will make any man fall for her.

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