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10 Reasons Why Emraan Hashmi's Mr. X Will Be A Big Disaster

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Emraan Hashmi starrer Mr. X will be out this Friday and personally my review of the movie based on the trailer is that this film will be a big disaster, may be a bigger disaster than his last movies Ungli and Raja Natwarlal.

While Ungli was at least a good movie, Raja Natwarlal made me want to kill myself. Emraan Hashmi is a brilliant actor whose movie choices have gone from good to worse.

Mr. X is a damn good script on paper, a cop turning invisible and all that but when it came into effect, the trailer did not impress me for I felt years ago our Hollywood counterpart came up with a better version, Hollow Man. Since the Bollywood makers were dealing with a superior technology today, I expected the visual effects to be that good but sadly it is not.

The lead hero however disagrees with me, he says, "There are plenty of visual effects and it's my request to the audience to watch it in 3D. While we're also releasing the movie in 2D, it is going to be best enjoyed in its 3D format."

One of the producers of the movie, Mahesh Bhatt said, "From the time the protagonist becomes invisible, which is right at the start, the movie has abundant scenes that stand out for the way the VFX has been executed. Invisibility is a cool power to be seen in 3D. I was blown away by the VFX and I'd like everyone to watch it in 3D."

Emraan going invisible in the movie part has come out pretty well but when it comes to the rest of the visual effects I sadly don't agree with the producers or the actor.

Check out my 10 reasons why the movie will be a disaster...

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi's last few films have not been good and from the looks of it, Mr. X doesn't seem that interesting as well.

Amyra Dastur

This is her second film in Bollywood for her, while her Tamil debut Anegan worked wonders on the Box Office, her role doesn't seem that challenging in this film.

Visual Effects

We have seen the Hollow Man in Hollywood ages ago so we got to know Mr. X was being made in Bollywood we expected better visual effects, sadly they are really bad.

3D Effect

Emraan says the movie should be watched in 3 D for it has many visual effects which should not be missed, but sadly I did not see any such thing in the trailer that would make me want to watch the movie in 3D.

Intimate Scenes

There was a time when Emraan was known for his bold scenes in movies for which people would even see, but now people expect more from movies than just some bold intimate scenes.


The fact that a cop turn invisible owing to a chemical reaction from the medicine injected to cure him seems a tad bit dumb. Some thought should have been put in when the makers were coming up with the reason.

Action Scenes

When it comes to such movies, the action is the key aspect that will entertain the audience, sadly I did not see such stunt scenes in the trailer which usually shows the best parts of the movie.


Sadly the chemistry between Amyra and Emraan seems very dull to me. The actor has shared such good chemistry with his on-screen lovers that Amyra fails to impress us.


The songs are nice, which is a trademark aspect of Emraan Hashmi movie but there is nothing special and seems quite monotonous.


Emraan Hashmi starrer Mr. X is a very strong concept on paper unfortunately in trailer the makers failed to deliver it. Let's see if the movie is any better.

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