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Unknown Facts About Victims In Salman Khan's Hit And Run Case

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Salman Khan's 13 years old, 2002 hit and run case got its verdict yesterday. The actor was sentenced to five years in jail and charged with Rs 25000 fine.

Everybody knows about the verdict, everybody knows about a man getting run over and killed by Salman Khan. But does anybody really know anything more about them?

With a star's name involved in the case, everybody is interested to know only about what he did or did not do, whether he was drunk or not, whether he is guilty or not!

For all those who are arguing and feeling that Salman deserved to be jailed and that justice prevailed, I would like to ask you something, how much do you know about the victims?

Just following a herd and saying he deserves to be jailed is not right, you should at least try to know some aspects about the victims in this case as well. What exactly happened to them, how their life is now and what each of them wants from this case?

One of the victim said, "Nobody came to visit me in the last 13 years, I am forced to do petty jobs and support my family and face a lot of problems."

This shows that it is time to know some unknown facts about the victims that we did not bother about for the last 13 years!


Five people, Nurullah Mehboob Sharif, Kalim Mohammed Pathan, Munna Malai Khan, Abdullah Rauf Shaikh and Muslim Shaikh were sleeping on the pavement when Salman Khan's Toyota Land Cruiser ran over them. While others were badly injured, Nurullah Mehboob Sharif got killed in the accident.

Nurullah Mehboob Sharif

Post-mortem report of Nurullah who lost his life that day reads that his injuries were caused by the crane (Called by police) as it could not lift the heavy SUV in one go and dropped it on the victims.

Homeless Victims

All the 5 victims were homeless people who worked for a bakery in suburban Bandra in Mumbai. On of the victims, Abdullah Rauf Shaikh was an employee at the American express Bakery for almost 10 years who left working there after the accident.

Abdullah Rauf Shaikh

He said, "It was between 2 to 3 am, we heard a big noise and woke up to see a car on top of us. People nearby were shouting ‘Salman Khan ne accident kiya' and after some time Salman went by a rickshaw. The car was on us and we were unconscious and didn't know what was happening because of the pain we were in at that time. Nurulla was the most seriously injured among all of us."


Shaikh further revealed, "I got three lakhs compensation from the court, in which my advocate, who helped in getting that money took Rs. 1.20 lakhs and was left with 1.80 lakhs in 2007."

No Identity

All the five homeless victims who got injured that that day had no identity proof when they appealed to the court against the actor. They did not even have a ration card. While Shaikh is in Mumbai, Mannu Khan and Muslim Shaikh are at Gonda, UP and Kalim Pathan is at Sultanpur.

TOI Report

According to the report, the HC while hearing a PIL on October 7, 2002, had instructed Salman to pay Rs 19 lakh as compensation within two weeks, out of which 10 lakh would go to the Nurullah's family. The victims are still fighting for more compensation after a decade of filing the case.

No Bribe Attempt

Shaikh said, "During the course of case there was no attempt to bribe me by any one, to change or to rehash my statement. Police called me according to the dates and I went and gave my statement whenever I was asked to. There was no pressure, I said what I saw and experienced. My statement was never tampered with."

Nurullah's Wife and Son

Nurullah, the man who lost his life was married to Farida Begum and had a son Feroz Sharif who works as a mason now. She got remarried again and has seven children now. she stated, "We were told we'll get compensation of Rs 10 lakh, but what will we do of that amount at this time of inflation."

On Judgement

Shaikh said, "He should be punished for his deeds as I have lost my friend Nurulla in the mishap and all four of us are going through physical problems after the incident. Apart from that all of us should be compensated as he (Salman Khan) is the one who is and going to responsible for our future."

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