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Salman Khan Case Verdict Out: See What The Public Thinks!

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Salman Khan's 2002 hit and run case verdict is out! The actor got convicted for the judge found him to be guilty, now it is only a matter of time before we find out his jail term.

The lawyers have been arguing in the court, talking about his Being Human charity and citing Alistair Pereira and BMW hit and run Nanda case for reduced sentence.

The actor has been charged the following India Penal codes.

  • Sec 304 (Part II) of IPC - Culpable homicide not amounting to murder (Max 10 years in jail)
  • Sec 279 of IPC - Rash and Negligent Driving (6 Months in jail)
  • Sec 337 of IPC - Causing hurt by act endangering life (2 years in jail)
  • Sec 338 of IPC - Causing grievous hurt (2 years in jail)
  • Sec 427 of IPC -- Mischief causing danger to property (2 years in jail)

He can face maximum of 10 years of jail term. Salman's family left the court the moment he got convicted, with tears in their eyes, everybody including Salman were dejected with the verdict.

Salman Khan Hit And Run Case Full Story

Do you agree with the verdict? Do you think that Salman was guilty and lying? Here is what the public thinks about the actor and the case verdict.

Sagarcasm ‏@sagarcasm

Somehow it feels nice. Indian judiciary is not great. But it is going in the right direction. #SalmanVerdict

Abhijit Majumder ‏@abhijitmajumder

Sad he'll pay price for his wild days long after he has matured, happy Indian justice system doesn't spare topmost superstar. #SalmanVerdict

Allan Carvalho ‏@Allan_crv

Alistair Pereira case 7 killed & 14 injured 3 year punishment.Salman case 1 killd and 4 injurd 10 year punishment too harsh #SalmanVerdict

Satish Chapparike ‏@chapparike

#SalmanVerdict WOW, Salman had tears as ruling came!!! What about the tears in the eyes of those poor victims who suffered & suffering!!??

Vinita ‏@_Agathist

This case just proves that Indian judiciary can delay but can't deny facts. A little hope on the system restored. 👍 #SalmanVerdict

Abhishek Simlot ‏@abhishek_simlot

If exchange was allowed in court I wud hv exchaged shahrukh for salman today for Jail Term . Salman is a nice human being ... #SalmanVerdict

Akhand Chutiyapa ‏@akhandchutiyapa

Now ppl will take law seriously and this judgement passes the ultimate message to those who think they can't be punished..!


I watched the detailed report of the case; all the drivers should know exactly what they're in for, despite 'being Salman' ! #SalmanVerdict

Utkarsh ‏@utkarshwarrior

#SalmanVerdict Thats wrong...maybe thats a hit case but not a run case...Salman was forced to escape :(

Madhukar Pandey ‏@madhukarpandey

Well to be fair to @BeingSalmanKhan, pavements are not meant for men to sleep. It is a known risk. But then, this is India. #SalmanVerdict

Kriti ‏@KritiKSharma19

The awkward painful moment when you are a law student as well as a Salman fan. #SalmanVerdict
He might be gone for max of 10 years.

Pradeep Mamgain ‏@pc_navy

If he is guilty he should be punished rigorously to set an example tht no body is above law be it Salman khan or common man.

Shilpa Kannan ‏@shilpakannan

#SalmanVerdict has anyone else noticed that the victims and their families are completely missing the air time on Indian TV channels?

Harsh! ‏@CallmeHaRsh

#SalmanKhan as Bhai has great emotional connect to millions. Glad that #SalmanVerdict alarms all of us to not make any attempt against law!

lisha ‏@jonas_ruts

Sooner or later, Karma will get you. #SalmanVerdict

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