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Top 15 Hilarious Tweets: Vishal Dadlani Gets Trolled On Twitter

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Vishal Dadlani, the music director who was as of now famous for his song compositions for Bollywood films is now even more famous for blocking people on Twitter.

Vishal is quite vocal about his views on Twitter. He is a big supported of AAP and is usually found tweeting about anti corruption and so on. He is even found criticizing BJP and congress thereby attracting some tweets from people who don't agree with his views.

His recent tweets attracted some unwanted attention and Vishal decided to handle it by blocking all those Twitter handles who bothered him and even tweeted about it.

He has apparently blocked so many people that he ended up becoming the butt of jokes and now Twitter users have decided to troll him for his silliness.

Previously too we have seen Twitter users trolling celebrities and this time the victim is Vishal Dadlani. A number of hilarious tweets have been doing the rounds in regard to him blocking people.

He has even been compared to a chicken and rhino! All this fun tweets ended up making him trend on Twitter and once that worked out, he has been acting like he is taking it in his stride.

This behavior upset @Reviewero who tweeted, "Fat ass loser @VishalDadlani blocked me for a joke. Then gets trending and suddenly gets a sense of humor. Faker."

Check out the 15 hilarious tweets that made me laugh and I am sure you'll enjoy them as well.

Vishal In Dettol Ad

Vishal Dadlani morphed in a Dettol advertisement by one of the Twitteratis who are making fun of him.

Vishal As A Child

Yet another funny image of a kid drinking milk and a fan tweets this picture to be of Vishal Dadlani's.

Dipesh Nagda

Darn I hv still not been blocked by Vishal Dadlani. Can some one tell me what shud I do to piss him off so that he blocks me?


Vishal Dadlani blocked hair from growing on his head.

For this tweet, Vishal replied, "Best one yet!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You guys are nuts! Keep 'em coming! "@Juuism: Vishal Dadlani blocked hair from growing on his head."

Rishi Bagree

People are getting upset because @VishalDadlani spit on his fans from a balcony.

Come on guys, who WOULDN'T spit on a Vishal Dadlani fan?

Obama Connection

Lol... now this is really funny... Obama asking to be unblocked by Vishal Dadlani. Getting trolled on Twitter is another way to get popular.

Huge List Of Blocked

The music director has been blocking people left, right and centre as soon as they started to tweet something bad to him.


I Dont know who you are, But i will find you and i will block you - Vishal Dadlani

The-Lying-Lama ‏@KyaUkhaadLega

Normal People : Have I met you before ?
Vishal Dadlani : Have I blocked you before ?

A1_Indian ‏@RahejaVinod

Vishal Dadlani caller tune

The subscriber you calling is busy blocking other calls. Please wait, you will be blocked shortly


Why did the chicken cross the road?
It couldn't!! The road was blocked by Vishal Dadlani.

The-Lying-Lama ‏@KyaUkhaadLega

Wife : Summers are approaching, we should buy some sunscreen etc.

Vishal Dadlani : NO Sunscreen. Buy sunBlock.


A hilarious answer to what Vishal has been doing. People don't care about getting blocked by him and are rather happy.


Vishal now gets compared to a Rhino. As soon as the music director started to trend, he immediately starts to join in the fun.

Spinoza B ‏@spinoza9642

The Indian bureaucracy tried to reason with @VishalDadlani. They're now called North Block and South Block.

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