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OH MY GOD! Have You Seen These HOT Pictures of Pooja Bedi's Daughter Aaliyah Ebrahim

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Hi peeps! You all know who Pooja Bedi is, right? Now, meet Aaliyah Ebrahim, the hot and stunning daughter of Pooja. Click on the slider below to see some really beautiful pictures of Aaliyah...(you can thank us later!)

Aaliyah Ebrahim has made several public appearances along with her mother Pooja Bedi. The mother and daughter duo was also spotted at LFW in the past. But let us tell you, she is not just a charming face, the diva recently slammed all the haters on her personal blog when she got many negative comments on her pictures (carried by a leading website).

Aaliyah's Blog

''By the time I was in my early teenage years, I had grown accustomed to a certain amount of attention. Whether it was thanks to the family I was in, or whether it was just because of "the way I am."

Aaliyah Ebrahim

''Ever since I was a child, I have been allowed to make my own choices, responsibly. I was never policed when it came to how I should dress or behave.''

Pooja Bedi's Daughter

''When you get attention, you get a good amount of hate, coupled with a good amount of love. It balances it out, and more often than not, the love outweighs the hate and produces a very positive canvas for me to paint my life on.''

Instagram Pics

''I never objected or shied away from the attention I got, and I continued to stay true to myself. As my social media reach grew, I began noticing fights breaking out on my instagram photos.''

Hot Aaliyah

''I made it a point to thank them and block anyone that spread any kind of negativity. I always ignored it and moved on.''

Aaliyah's Pic

" I am more than my b****ts and it is unfair to let them define me. I am an eighteen year old Indian girl and that does not take away the fact that I am allowed to dress the way I please.''

Aaliyah In Bikini

''I wouldn't judge or disrespect a woman in a burkha, salwaar kameez or sari, and I deserve the same respect back. it is unfair to s**ualise me and base my morals, my achievements and my goals and ambitions on my b****ts.''


''If I choose to wear a bikini, it is my choice and it is about time we grow up and let individuals be their own people without fearing what society will say.''

Aaliyah's Cute Pic

''What are we as women if we can't empower each other? If we, as women are going to turn around and pass judgement on another individual's life choices, we are allowing the s**ualization of women.''

Aaliyah Clicked

''We are more and we deserve more. I am more and I deserve more. As a man, when your wife is scared to walk down the road at night, or you're hesitant to let your daughters or sisters go somewhere alone, you perpetuated that. You allowed that to happen.''

Aaliyah With Friends

''When you curse at men for unforgivable crimes like rape, you have contributed to a mindset that makes it morally ambiguous.''

Aaliyah In White

''It's a strange world we live in where wearing a bikini is more frowned upon than being hateful and tearing another individual down. It is not okay to hate.''

Aaliyah Ebrahim wrote on her blog, "I came across a very nice post that featured me. Everything within the post was very respectful and well said. When I read the comments, my smile faded away. All anyone spoke about was how I was barely wearing any clothes, how I was just another "r***i," that "taking my clothes off" just made me an unworthy s**t. That I was "p**n ready," not "bollywood ready" and of course the perennial "Indian girls like this are ruining our culture."

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Aaliyah Ebrahim further added, ''I took a deep breath and went back to doing what I was doing. My plan was to ignore it like I ignored everything else that brought even an ounce of negativity into my life. But this annoyed me and refused to budge from the back of my mind."

"If my cleavage is visible, it does not mean I am giving consent, it does not mean I am "asking for it." I am more than my breasts and it is unfair to let them define me," she added.

Well said, Aaliyah!

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