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      BLAST FROM THE PAST: When Divya Bharti CRIED Because Of Aamir Khan & Salman Came To Her Rescue!

      By Madhuri

      Divya Bharti was born to be a star and shone like one until fate played a cruel game by taking her life away at the mere age of 19. She tasted stardom at a very young age but at the same time, controversies never failed to tail her.

      The volatile girl wanted to be an airhostess but instead got attracted to the world of films. Sometimes she would ask her father, 'Daddy, don't I look like Sridevi'? and she would mimic Sridevi.

      We bring you some of the lesser known excerpts from her life-story...

      Divya's Plunge In The Film Industry

      Divya's Plunge In The Film Industry

      Divya's mother Meeta in a Cine Blitz 95' interview revealed, "She was in ninth standard when she began getting films offers. At first she wasn't interested. Nandu Tolani was constantly after us to let Divya work in Gunahon Ke Devta. She asked me for advice. So I explained that she could lead a normal life even when she became a star. ‘You are getting this opportunity, take it. If you are successful fine, if you are not you can return to what you want to do'. She was thrilled when I told her that she would have to forget her studies, she said, ‘fantastic, then let me join films'. Divya was 14 then."

      The Radha Ka Sangam Episode

      The Radha Ka Sangam Episode

      Govinda's brother Kirti Kumar noticed Divya at a video library, He was so smitten by her that he was eager to cast her opposite Govinda in 'Radha Ka Sangam'. But after waiting in the wings for over eight months, she never got the film.

      Buzz was that as soon as she signed a contract with him, she was forced to go underground. She was told that if she wanted to be the heroine of his film, she would concentrate totally on it and so school became a closed chapter. Later there were reports that Kirti started getting too possessive about her. And then, shockingly, he replaced her with Juhi Chawla in the film.

      Back then, Divya had confessed in an interview, " I was upset about his decision. But not starring in Kirti's film is not the end of the world, I am one who told him to return my contract. He was getting too possessive. I am 15 years old. He virtually kept me prisoner. Even my parents didn't ask me as many questions as Kirti did. If he wanted his Radha to be pristine and pure, how come he's chosen Juhi Chawla? She has acted in so many films up to now. Her image isn't that of a virgin..."

      On the other hand, Kirti had a different version to tell and said, "The girl was lacking sincerity." He added, "I trained her for six months. At the end of that, if I have set her free, there must be a definite reason for it."

      'Aamir Should Behave Like A Senior, Not A Star'

      'Aamir Should Behave Like A Senior, Not A Star'

      Reportedly Aamir Khan was terribly upset with Divya's erratic behaviour during a London show and refused to perform with her. In a Stardust March 92' interview, when the 'Saat Samundar' actress was asked the truth behind this, she lashed out, "Aamir is not the one who should be upset with me. I'm the one who should be upset with that man. What happens when you're on stage live for a show, it's but natural that you might make a mistake. I did make a mistake which wasn't noticeable and I covered it up immediately. But Aamir noticed only because he knew the movements. The next thing I hear is that Aamir had informed the organisers that he wanted to rehearse with Lollypop, (the choreographer)'s sister Chiclet. What could I say?

      But what really upset me was when I saw Aamir doing the number on stage with Juhi Chawla instead. As it is I had only three numbers and while she had quite a few and here she was doing one more. For the rest of the shows Aamir even opted out of the medley number he was supposed to have done with me. He said he was too tired. This only left me with one solo song 'Saat samunder'. I was in tears. It was then that Salman came to my rescue. Inspite of having a lot of numbers, inspite of having a broken foot, Salman Khan was sweet enough to agree to do the medley with me. I was very touched by the niceness of the gesture. And I'm sure Aamir must have been aghast."

      She further added, "It's sad that he's got the attitude that he's senior and that if we juniors make mistakes we're out. He should correct me. As a senior he should tell me my mistakes, not take them to heart. He should behave like a senior, not a star. Actually one of the organisers even told me that Aamir felt I was ignoring him. But tell me, what difference does it make to him if I ignore him or not? I always greeted him with a 'hello sir'. I didn't ignore him at all. If I did too, it was obvious why. Believe me, I was so upset that I sat in the bathroom and cried for hours. I was very hurt. But I had to be brave and go out there and perform. As we were all paid to do so. I'm still very quite upset with Aamir's starry attitude. Thank god for Salman and his genuine niceness."

      When Aamir Khan Got Divya Dropped Out Of Darr

      When Aamir Khan Got Divya Dropped Out Of Darr

      This shocking revelation was made by Divya's mother in an old interview which had her quoted saying, "Many people still think that Divya lost Darr because she had a problem with Yash Chopra. That wasn't the case. When Sunny was signed, he wanted Divya opposite him. But Aamir wanted Juhi Chawla. Unfortunately, at that time, we were in America for some shows. Before we left they announced Darr with Sunny, Divya and Aamir. When we returned it was Sunny, Juhi and Aamir. It seemed that Aamir who was also working with Yash Chopra in Parampara, managed to push Juhi and had Divya dropped. After he got Juhi into Darr, he was dropped and Shah Rukh was taken."

      'If I Was Even Half As Notorious As People Made Me Out To be, Then Would Such A Caring Man Like Sajid Still Be With Me'

      'If I Was Even Half As Notorious As People Made Me Out To be, Then Would Such A Caring Man Like Sajid Still Be With Me'

      Barely 16, Divya met Sajid Nadiadwala in 1990 at Filmcity, when he dropped by the sets of 'Shola and Shabnam' to meet his friend Govinda.

      Talking about it, Divya had said in a G-magazine 93' interview, "Govinda is the one who introduced me to Sajid when he dropped by on the sets of Shola Aur Shabnam, two and half years ago. I don't think I can ever forget that day! Soon it became a routine for the unit to see Sajid on our sets everyday. Govinda and he being very good friends, this was unsual. slowly we became very friends until I realized that I was beginning to like him. He was so sweet, frank and open hearted, just like me. The chemistry was instantaneous. Our attraction for each other was inevitible. In fact soon everyone on the set began to tease us about each other. Everytime he'd come on the sets, they'd say," here comes Divya's boyfriend". I must confess that in the beginning I didn't expect to fall head over heels love with him. But I did. I still am. That is why I find it disturbing when there were reports that something brewing between Govinda and me. Govinda is like my brother to me. He is the one to bring me to films, and the peacemaker everytime Sajid and I have a fight."

      In a Filmfare July 92' interview she was quoted saying, "If I was even half as notorious as people made me out to be, then would such a caring man like Sajid still be with me? We have been going around for nearly one and a half year now. And things have been just terrific between us. The advantage is that Sajid is very mature and a very experienced man. He has been through a lot in life. Whenever I behave childishly or sulk then Sajid explains things to me. He tells me what is right and what is wrong. I trust his judgement he is never wrong.

      Honestly, Sajid has been very patient with me. Like I cannot be domesticated, I cannot cook, to the extent that I can't make a cup of tea. It was Sajid who taught me how to make tea. Even his sister has been a big help. For one whole week, she cooked one particular vegetable so that it would be easier for me to learn how to cook it. The sad part was on the eigthth day I had forgotten everything. Once I cooked dal and Sajid practically spat it out. Not only was it without salt but it was bitter too. guess I am a bad student.

      Right now I am going through one of the best phases of my life. Professionally I am doing well. Personally I have Sajid and both our respective families have accepted each other. I don't want to plan out my future, I live day to day. I have become ambitious now. I want to reach the top. I want to be known as an actress of repute. "


      Who could have ever imagined that one day irony would knock the door and leave behind just precious memories of this spirited girl!

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