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    HEART-FELT TALKS: Jab We Met Superstar Shahrukh Khan For An Eid Lunch This Year!

    By Madhuri

    Each time you meet Shahrukh Khan, you get to discover a new facet to his personality. Mind you, you just can't escape from his enigmatic charm! And that's exactly what happened when he invited us over for an Eid lunch like every year.

    This time though, the venue saw a shift from Mannat to the nearby Taj Lands End. Blame it on the rains which made the lawn outside Mannat 'sloshy' but that didn't dampen our excitement a bit!

    Post a scrumptious lunch of biryani and other mouth-watering delicacies, the man of the moment finally settled with us for some chitter-chatter.



    A Day In Shahrukh Khan's Life On Eid

    "Actually, I genuinely don't like to show-off the days like Eid, Diwali or my birthday. I live on the sixth floor of my house. I always wake up to these days with a lot of sound. Suddenly I can hear people screaming my name outside my bungalow. I wake up to that. Usually on these days, my small son (AbRam) wakes me up because he gets very excited.

    But this time, he didn't. He face-timed instead. He told me, "Where are you papa? By then I had gone for a bath. He said , "Please come, 'peoples' are waiting for you'. We tried to dress up similar. I got him dressed and he had some friends with me also.

    But they started crying when they heard the noise outside. That's how my day starts. Then I spend some time with you all (the media). Then I do a bit of Namaz with everyone. That's it. "

    AbRam And His 'Secret Room'

    "AbRam gets a gift every day. There's a safe in my house which is at least full of 100 gifts. So whenever I travel, if not me then my manager Pooja or someone else, there's a rule that every time we travel, we have to buy a gift for him. We do travel a lot. So, I buy stuff and keep it in that safe.

    He calls it the 'secret room'. He opens it and takes out one toy that's sanctioned by his mother. You know how mothers are.. (smiles) He gets a gift every day of the year. So, there is no special day that he gets a gift.

    But for today, Naresh, the gentleman who makes for clothes for Eid every year, made a salwar kameez for AbRam."

    SRK Summing Up His 25 Year Journey In Bollywood

    "The one thing that stands out for me in my 25 year long journey is that it has happened very fast. I really feel like it's been only two-three years since I have been in Mumbai. It does not seem like 25 years here. I think I have got stuck in time.

    When you see your children all grown-up, you have the reality there for you to see that it's been too many years. So for me, it's very shocking that I really feel that it's been just a few days since I have been in Mumbai. I am not saying this because it sounds okay to say that. I really feel that 'abhi toh aaya tha'.

    That's why when people question the fact that 'for how many years he is doing the same thing', I find that very odd. It's like a time bomb. I am working with younger heroines toh main bhi toh young hu naa? (laughs)."

    A Walk Down The Memory Lane

    "The first reaction that I got for Deewana was when I was in Mehboob shooting for King Uncle and Rakeshji (Rakesh Roshan) told me that I had become a big star. Those days I used to walk back to my house from the studio. I was walking past Salman Khan's house when I saw Salim Uncle standing in the balcony. He told me, "Janaab, aapki film bahut chal rahi hai'. I said, "Thank you, uncle".

    In the evening I met him again. Back then I used to have dinner at their place. So, he told me that when he had visited a hair cutting salon that day, someone there asked him whether he wanted a hair cut like Shahrukh from Deewana. Later when I came home and told Gauri about Deewana doing really well in the theatres, she said, "yaa, good" (laughs).

    Decoding Shahrukh Khan- The Star

    "I know it would be odd for me to say this but the thought that I am a star hasn't set in yet. Did I expect all this? No. But, do I not expect it? Yes, I am like this was meant to be. I have never given it more importance, credibility or anything else. I have never sat down and figured out that I have become a star. I have never done anything to retain the stardom or lose it, make it or break it.

    I know people don't believe that and have their own analysis. I am analysed more by outside people who don't know what I have done for 25 years than what I honestly say. The honest truth is that I have never known that I can be like 'Oh, I am a star'!

    I have my own outbursts and ego like every human being has. But I think that I have treated it (stardom) with a lot of humility. It's a job I do like everyone else. There is no comparison or feeling like 'I could do better than them'. This is what I do.

    I have been waking up in the morning for 25 years and saying this everyday. I act, sometimes well or sometimes badly. Bad is also close to the heart just like the good ones. I really feel bad when a film doesn't do well and I really feel good if it does well. But all of that just lasts for about six hours and then I move on."

    SRK On Why He Doesn't Care A Damn About People Mistaking His Humour For Arrogance

    "If I spent time reacting to everything, people react to what I say or do, I would never be able to do anything else. I have never been pompous about this fact. If I am told three times that my sense of humour has been misunderstood, it's unfortunate. I am an actor. I can do what I feel like. I am a professional liar. That's what I get paid for. I believe in the lies I tell otherwise I wouldn't be an actor.

    I see a lot of thoughts behind what I do. Unfortunately very of those few thoughts are what I thought when I did it. Some people like the character I play so they will tell that 'woh rone ka scene usne accha kiya, usne apne maa ke baare mein sochke aisa kiya hoga'. No..I did that with the help of glycerine.

    What an actor or even a public figure feels would never be understood. If I try explaining it to people, I would spend most of my life time doing that. So, you reach a place not out of disregard for what people think of you but disregard for the fact that you can't waste time on this because I have to spend time with myself.

    So, if people misunderstand my humour, so be it. If you like it, very good, if you don't like it, as good. For me the most humourous part of my life is the analysis people do of me. It's so far from the truth. Some of the things people write about me are extremely funny.

    The 'Perks' Story

    "I think each of us works very hard including me. It's not a perk to be able to wear the best clothes in the world. I have to because everybody expects me to wear one. I would rather come out wearing a T-shirt and jeans and be alright. (laughs). For me, it's an unperk that I am not able to wear cargo pants and go out.

    I think there is no perk greater than the fact that I am able to make a film. I am very grateful to God for having given me this opportunity. But beyond that, that's all part of my job.

    The biggest problem a big star has is the time to retain the goodness in cinema which he or she does. You lose the ability to surprise people and you lose the ability to fail. Those are the two things which take away the meaning of every perk from your life.

    There is an amazing enjoyment in failing too. But once you become a public figure who is expected to deliver excellence every-time, that perk of failure is taken away from you. Most film people stay in the zone of their own. I find myself becoming more like that."

    SRK & Retirement From Acting? Nah, That's Just Not The Case!

    "I feel most of the audience is like my family. So, what do I give up the audience for? That's the family what I work for. I know there are days when everyone feels low. But then work becomes a part of your life. I don't think I will ever be able to retire from acting. Unfortunately for a lot of people (laughs).

    I will always act. I don't think I know anything else than films. Will I be the person who will be last person to know that I can't act anymore? Maybe yes. Maybe one day in 10-15 years from now, you guys would sit down and tell me ki 'ab bas ruk jao'. But I will not understand that.

    Am I blindly believing that I can act for the rest of my life? No, with my eyes open, I believe that I can act for the rest of my life. Will I become a bad actor? Maybe. But I am that person who knows the last about who is having an affair with whom. So, I would be the last one to know whether I can act or not. This thought has never hit me.

    Every time people have told me over the years that I act the same, I would tell them 'try with me'. But not out of anger. Because I usually try to act different. I try new things every time. I am also evolving as a person. I started 25 years ago and I am 52 now.

    So, I must be really stupid if I haven't evolved as a human being. I do believe that there are some new nuances imbibing in me. I would like to believe that I am so successful that I don't surprise you often. But I am not so successful that I don't surprise myself anymore. I get very happy with the surprise which I give myself. But that doesn't mean that I am only about myself. I do believe that I am doing things which are different in my head and heart."

    Shahrukh Khan Thinks A Film On Him Would Turn Out To Be Boring

    "For so many years, the people who are closest to me will tell you that I have never let people know the most interesting part of my life. So, you will never get a good script unless I write it. So, whatever they will make on my life will be just a successful story which I think is extremely boring, till I flop and do something legendary which is so controversial then people say 'kya baat hai'.

    I remember a senior journalist once telling me that you can never be a legend unless you are a controversy. And unfortunately none of you know my controversy. (laughs) So, if it's not controversial then it would be a boring story. I am telling you success stories are very boring. I would not like anyone to make it but I am not saying that 'Oh, I don't want anyone to make a life story of mine.' But I think that it's a great subject. Not as yet."

    Well, that's 'King Of Hearts' Shahrukh Khan for you!

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