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    Parineeti Chopra: There Is A Lot Of Genuine Camaraderie Amongst The Actors In The Industry

    By Madhuri

    She is averse to being called 'bubbly' and jokes, "I am personally going to take it as an agenda and ban this term 'bubbly'. I swear it's my mission to remove this word from the dictionary."

    Amidst pearls of laughter, 'Meri Pyaari Bindu' actress Parineeti Chopra gets candid about how unsimilar she is to her reel self, the ongoing debate of actors going behind the mic, PeeCee's Met Gala appearance and more.



    Excerpts from our conversation...


    'My Character Bindu Is Not Me At All'

    How relatable are you to Bindu in real life?

    A. Bindu is a very irresponsible girl. I call her irresponsible because she is a flying bird. She is always trying new things, doesn't complete her relationships, keeps moving to new cities and so on. She never finishes anything that she starts.

    She is very spunky and energetic so because of that people are always trying to catch up with her. I am not that person at all. I am very responsible, disciplined and meticulous. I'm a little more in control than Bindu but what I really share with her is my passion for music. She is obsessed with music and singing and so am I.

    That is where Parineeti and Bindu match otherwise bahut acting karni padi. She is not me at all. She is too crazy.

    'I Don't Object When A Singer Acts In His Or Her Music Video'

    Recently some singers expressed their displeasure over actors taking up singing for their films...

    A. Since I am an entertainer I am going to entertain in every sorts of way. So when I act, other actors should not feel offended; when I sing, singers should not be offended; when I dance, dancers should not be offended, and the list can go on and on because it's a part of entertainment.

    No one can tell me how I can entertain. Everyone should co-exist in this business. I am a trained classical singer. But if we have released songs which have become hits and people have accepted them then what is the problem?

    No one can decide if I am an amateur or not or anybody else. Ayushmann (Khurrana) is not a trained singer but he has so many hit songs. You cannot call him an amateur.

    This debate is actually just going around in circles and there is no right answer. Also, when a singer acts in their music video, I don't object to it. Everybody should entertain the way they want to.

    'It Wasn't Like I Was Sitting Home For Two Years Doing Nothing'

    The media speculated a lot about your work when you were on a break. Do you feel vindicated?

    A. It was not like I was not getting good roles, I was getting offers but I was genuinely going through some health issues. I invested a lot of time with my health which I had neglected for a really long time. Plus I bought a new house and I had to work on making it the way I wanted it.

    Actually my break was only 10 months but as we were shooting for Bindu so that is why it seems a long break. It wasn't like I was sitting home for two years doing nothing.

    I was always shooting for endorsements and making event appearances. So, the media just created some hype which isn't surprising in today's world.

    If you had to imbibe one trait of Bindu in real life, what would that be?

    A. I don't think any. There is a stark difference between Bindu and me. I come from a very academic background and the way I deal with my life is quite academic and on-the-clock. I am quite a planner.

    I am impulsive when it comes to my travel but otherwise I am quite meticulous. Bindu is absolutely the opposite. So I feel that I won't be able to imbibe anything from her.

    'Colas And Champagne Are Bubbly And Not Me'

    You hate it when people tag you bubbly...

    A. I am personally going to take it as an agenda and ban this word 'bubbly'. I swear it's my mission to remove this word from the dictionary. (jokes)

    Colas and champagnes are bubbly and not me! I know when you guys call me that you mean spunky. I agree, when directors see me they see a spunky girl and that is how I am. I have a strong personality. I always like to make people laugh. So they look to me when they want a character that has a lot of energy.

    Your Golmaal Again team too has been promoting Meri Pyaari Bindu. How do you feel about it?

    A. The Golmaal team is very selfless; I can always talk to Rohit sir or Ajay sir when I have concerns about the film. They have become my gang of boys, I love shooting with them. They made me feel like a family.

    Even while shooting they used to shout Bindu on the mike. I asked them why you are promoting my film, they just retort we will do it. There is no war. It's not like one film is promoting another film.

    There is a lot of healthy love and genuine camaraderie amongst actors, even female actors, in the industry. The media might find it hard to believe it but it is true.

    How do you view the genre of comedy?

    A. I love making people laugh even in real life. Even at the risk of making fun of myself. Golmaal Again was a perfect film for me. I wanted to do a big commercial film and work with Rohit Sir.

    'I Was Always Defined As Priyanka's Sister Parineeti Till My Second Film'

    Did you feel bogged down by expectations anytime for being Priyanka Chopra's cousin?

    A. Till my second film I was always defined as Priyanka's cousin Parineeti. Only after my second film did I get my own identity. If anything, she is only an inspiration to not only me but every single girl in the world.

    I see that only as a bonus in my life that she is a successful actress apart from being an amazing sister. She has been in the industry for 17 years before me so there can't be any comparisons.

    Any plans for chasing Hollywood dreams?

    A. Yes, I would love to. If I get a good script and a good role, why not? After all a film is a film in any language.

    'Met Gala Is Meant For Drama And Making A Statement & Priyanka Did It Brilliantly'

    What was your reaction to Priyanka Chopra's Met Gala appearance?

    A. I thought it was brilliant. I love sporty looks on red carpet. So, that trench coat gown... Met Gala is meant for drama, it is meant to make a statement and she did it brilliantly.



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