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Shraddha Kapoor: Aditya Roy Kapur Brings His Own Charm To Anything That He Does!

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Even today, Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor's alluring chemistry in Aashiqui 2 holds a special place in our hearts. The film's chartbuster music soaked the entire nation in hues of romance and we couldn't stop drooling over this new on-screen pair.

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Four years later, they are all set to weave magic yet again with OK Jaanu which releases this week. We recently caught up with Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor for a freewheel chat at a suburban studio.

Excerpts from the interview...


On The Pre-Release Jitters

Shraddha: Yes, there are pre-release jitters.

Aditya: (cuts in) We are very nervous and excited. We are a bit anxious and want to fast-forward the week to the release date. (smiles)

On Comparisons With OK Kanmani

Shraddha: Obviously there will be comparisons. In fact, the trailers of both the films are already being compared. I think that's unavoidable. OK Kanmani connected well with the audience. People really loved that film. So, I hope that our film too connects with the people and they love it.

Aditya: Every time you are remaking something that has been appreciated and loved that's what you are signing up for. You know there are going to be people who had loved it. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you won't be able to compare. There is no reason to lose too much sleep over that. The only thing that you could do is try and make it to your best ability and realize the reasons why you are making the film.

The reason why you remake a film is that it has been loved in the past and you think that it could be remade again. I feel that gives you confidence more than pressure because you know that this format has been appreciated before. You don't get to test the waters in any other film before.

The Reason Why They Signed OK Jaanu

Aditya: We had seen the Tamil film. In fact, that's how we decided to do the film. Shaad called up and told us to watch the original film as he was writing the Hindi version of the script and said that he would like us to be a part of it. We loved the Tamil film and the performances so much that we wanted to do OK Jaanu.

Shraddha: There are only a few changes in OK Jaanu. Shaad didn't want to change anything because the story was so good and everything was so amazing about the original. But, this has been a bit adapted for the Hindi audience.

Their Views On The Concept Of Live-In Relationships

Aditya: I have never been in a live-in relationship before. I can't speak from experience so I am not aware about the pros and cons. But ya, I definitely feel that if I am in a relationship with someone and I want to live with them for a while, I don't see any reason why it can be a negative thing. I have a lot of friends who have been in successful live-in relationships and unsuccessful ones too. But, it definitely gets you closer to understand the person you are with. You get to know their habits. Sometimes it ends a relationship quicker than it would have might dragged on longer. So, it quickens the process either way. (laughs)

Shraddha: I believe in 'live and let live'. If anybody is in a live-in relationship and they are happy then that should be it. If people prefer not to, then whatever makes them happy. I just feel that nobody should get hurt in that bargain. ,Our film is very interestingly showcasing two perspectives of a live-in relationship. I think people will be entertained by it.

Aditya: That's one thing that I really loved about the original film. It dealt with this subject without being too preachy and saying see how brash we are and show sex just for the sake of it. It's neither damning either side. It's not saying that marriage is a bad thing because you even get to see an older couple in a successful marriage in the film too. The film is not just about the two characters living in. Actually you are belittling the film by making it only about a live-in relationship.

On Being Able To Relate To Their On-Screen Characters

Shraddha: I was able to relate to a certain extent. I feel that my character Tara has kind of rub off on me now. I really love about how she is fearless about what she wants in her life. She is unapolegetic. I really like that honesty about her. She is very passionate about what she does. She has got this fire in it. I hope that I can take away more from her.

Aditya: The character that I play is little younger than my actual age. He is at that stage of life where he has huge aspirations, doesn't want to commit to any relationship. He is just enjoying life. He is not taking anything too seriously as far as relationships are concerned. When I was younger, every romantic relationship didn't mean marriage. I could definitely relate with that part.

The Humma Song

Aditya: Last year when I went for the Dream Team concert, I had my first stage performance there. I had never done that before so I had to rehearse a lot. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed dancing. So, I came quite warmed up for Humma song.

Shraddha: Some of my friends are going crazy about him in the song especially his pelvic moves. They are like 'Oh my god, he is so hot, Shraddha. Please tell him.' I too thought that he was hot in the song.

Aditya: I had fun while shooting the song.

Shraddha: I think he brings his own charm to anything that he does. That's his USP.

On Reuniting As Co-Stars Post Aashiqui 2

Shraddha: I guess there will be more expectations this time. It's awesome to do another movie with him. We had a blast while shooting for Aashiqui 2 and during this film as well. OK Jaanu is different because it is not in that intense love space like Aashiqui 2. Instead, it's more in the playful and light-hearted zone.

Aditya: That was what excited us the most. We were getting to do a film which was making us explore a different side of love unlike the deeper, darker side of it like Aashiqui 2 had.

Shraddha: It's the first happy film of 2017.

On Things That They Are Yet To 'Figure Out Kar Lege'

Shraddha: There are a lot of things...

Aditya: I am still figuring it out. (laughs) You never know when you start a relationship that where it's going to head. That's the beauty of it.

Shraddha: Sometimes you have to take one step at a time.

Aditya: That's how young people are today. I have a lot of friends who ain't commiting easily or want to be tied down. They want to keep their options open. So, it was nice to do a film revolving around that theme.

On Competing At The Box Office With Deepika Padukone's Hollywood Debut xXx: Return Of Xander Cage That Releases In The Same Week

Aditya: Well, it (xXx) seems like a very different film. It is an action film and appeals to a different audience.

Shraddha: I hope both the films do well. I hope that the beginning of 2017 is good for movies.

Aditya: We have seen in the past box office clashes that when the films are good then both do well. What's heartening is that there is a capacity for enough audience. It's not as if you are fighting for the audience. If a film can get an opening of Rs. 30 crores that means that many people are there to go on that day. So, if your films are good and appealing enough, then both will do well.

On Working With Shaad Ali

Shraddha: It was amazing. He was like a wild fire on the sets. He has an infectious energy and is always charged up. I have been a fan of his previous films- Saathiya and Bunty Aur Babli. So, I was very happy when he thought of me for OK Jaanu.

Aditya: It was great working with Shaad. He has got a great energy on the sets. He knows how to bring the best out of his actors. He creates an atmosphere where as an actor you feel that you can take chances without any fear of being laughed upon and judged.

On Shooting In South Mumbai For The Film

Aditya: It was very nostalgic for me. I grew up in South Mumbai. I haven't lived there since some last seven-eight years. But, I do visit my friends who stay there. I also wanted to shoot a Bombay love story. It was quite nice to use the public transport and the trains. That was exactly how I was when I was growing in my teen years and the small love stories that I had during that time. (laughs)

On Their Last Box Office Failures

Shraddha: Of course it pinched when my last release (Rock On 2) didn't do well at the box office. When you really believe in something and give so much of your everything to it and then if it does not do well then of course it does affect you. But, I also think that if one just picks themselves up and continues on..I had my next film to focus upon that was like an immediate distraction.

Aditya: I was upset when Fitoor didn't do well. Luckily, OK Jaanu came into my life just a month and a half later. I had to come on the sets and be happy. That was like a therapy for me. (laughs) It was therapeutic to go and play a happy character. There is nothing like work to take your mind off things. I was really blessed to have started shooting quickly for this film so I could move on.

On Rumours About Shraddha Moving In With Farhan Akhtar

Shraddha: I think this time it went a little overboard. When you are writing something that is so false and presenting it as a fact without confirming... I feel it's extremely wrong. Just for just the sake of gossips, tabloids, you can't take such liberties. You can't say something has happened when nothing of this sort has happened. I actually wanted to take some kind of action against it.

But at that point, I felt really sad and wished that if only some people (journalists) would be bit responsible in what they write as so many people read it. So it's not right to paint an incorrect picture.

The link up rumours has not affected me at all but this time it did as it involved my family. If you paint a wrong picture and involve family it's not fair. When you put so much hard work into films and if the focus shifts to other things like link ups and rumours it's not correct. I would want my work to be spoken about more.

Aditya On Reports Of His Link-Up With Shraddha Kapoor And Katrina Kaif

Aditya: We have been in this industry for so long. Our personal lives are written about and there is conjecture all the time. I have developed a very thick skin to these things very early. The things that I read about myself don't really affect me. I don't want to spend my time trying to control these things. It's a vicious circle. As far as rumours about both of us (I and Shraddha) are concerned, because we have been around for so long, we know the truth between both of us. So, there is nothing to speak about. We don't even bring it up with each other in our conversations. Earlier,we would chat about it but not any more now.

That comes with the territory..I guess that happens with most of the actors..They too end up being linked with their co-stars.

On Aamir Khan's Dangal

Aditya: I loved it and went crazy about it. It was an amazing film. It was so beautifully done. I felt everything was just perfect.

Shraddha: Post reaching home after watching the film, I went into my room and was like 'I have to call up Aamir Khan'. I couldn't help myself from phoning him even if it was late night. I just called him and he answered. I think it's so nice to see a film like that. It gave such a good feeling.

Aditya On 'Conning' Salman Khan For OK Jaanu

Aditya: After Bigg Boss, we were just hanging out. There was this picture of him flexing his muscles in his shally in Lonavla. We were discussing a workout and he said that he wanted to do his part in helping us to promote the film. He is big-hearted like that and he was like 'Come on, let's do this'. I told him that I was working on my physique and he was like 'Chalo..let's show the world'. (laughs)

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