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We Time-travelled To Baby Taimur’s Future Diary; Boyyyy He Is Hilarious!

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    Taimur Ali Khan Birthday: Story of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali's cute son | FilmiBeat

    Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor's son Taimur is celebrating his first birthday today and media is going gaga over his pictures. He definitely makes one such kid who can be clicked 24X7. Now, everyone is making sure that nothing is missed. Right from his birthday cake to his cutest giggles!

    But then we got hold of Taimur's future diary. (Well, we really think, he would be into writing diaries and stuff, more like his father Saif Ali Khan.)

    So, we sneaked into, Taimur's future diary where he mentions everything happening around. And this will surely make you laugh out loud!

    I Am Not Sure Karan Uncle!

    Karan Uncle as always has promised Mom and Dad to launch me with Yash and Roohi in this final film for Student of the Year series, but TBH I am not very sure of Karan Uncle. Even Sara Didi wasn't. She left his film years back and now I think, I should also give it another thought. Moreover, Yash and Roohi will keep teasing me for years that their Dad has a hand in my career's success. I don't want to deal with such crap.

    What Is Wrong With You Mom?

    I happened to see Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham today and I am so sure, Karan uncle is not launching me. And now, I know why people think I am obsessed with my good looks (which I AM NOT) but then Mom started it all. She actually said in that film (with full conviction) the only thing which matters to her in a boy is GOOD LOOKS, GOOD LOOKS AND GOOD LOOKS! Again, I have made up my mind Karan Uncle is definitely not launching me!

    No Mom Seriously, What Is Wrong With You?

    Was just planning to watch some old bollywood stuff and landed up with Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. I am waiting for Mom to come back because no seriously I want to ask her, what was she thinking. And Hrithik Uncle??? I am not sure how, Hredaan Bhaiya manages to sweep this question while promoting his films about his Dad's acitng chops in this film.

    I think Mom and Hrithik Uncle actually planned to spoil this purposely ‘coz honestly both of them are good actors. Why would they want to do something as stupid as Sanjana I Love You. I think Mom had some breathing problem during those days.

    Thank God Shahid Uncle!

    Me and Misha are really close. Okay relax, do not make a big deal out of this. I know they are still now a thing. Actually we laugh how they edit award shows to show My Mom and Misha's Dad like they did with Amit Dadu and Rekha Dadi back in those days. Gosh these people!

    Anyway, we are were watching Jab we Met and let me confess, Mom sach me apni favorite hain. I mean, she actually loves herself more than anything. HUM SAB BADE HO GAYE, except her. Imagine she still sees herself in the mirror, just to say that Tumhe Koi Haq Nahi Banta ki Tum Itni Khoobsoorat Dikho! Coming back to me and Misha, we actually thought while watching Jab We Met that we can do a sequel, if Imtiaz uncle plans it somehow!

    P.S. Shahid Uncle, Thank you for not marrying Mom. I kinna have this crush thing on your daughter <3

    Dad You Are My Hero!

    Me and Abram Bhaiya were watching Kal Ho Naa ho. Okay, let us be honest, Karan Uncle sat us down forcefully to watch his masterpiece, as he describes it his best. Me and Abram Bhaiya kinna like it also. But both of us felt that Dad was the bigger hero in the film. The way he has carved Preity Aunty's character and supported Shahrukh Uncle's scene with utmost poise and confidence. Abram Bhaiya is a bigger fan of Dad by the way. And I am still not sure if Nikhil Uncle actually has directed this film. I mean I have my doubts!

    Whattttt! Mom You Rejected Dad For This Shit?

    Okay, I know, I should not be saying it out loud but it has been said like a zillion times that Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon was shit. And Karan Uncle just revealed that Mom rejected Kal Ho Naa Ho for this shit. I mean seriously Mom? I always tease her for this little crush she had on Hrithik Uncle but she never admits. Now I know, she had. She DEFINITELY HAD!

    Mamu You Are A Superstar!

    Ranbir Mamu again received a National Award today. He sat me down and told his struggling stuff. I can't believe his films flopped once upon a time. He made me understand the pathos of a character and importance of a good script. I can feel you MAMU. You deserve all the awards in this world. Me and my friends were watching Tamasha last night and I feel you were a superstar back then also, you are a superstar and you will be one forever!

    Ammu Aunty, Malaika Aunty & Mom’s Kitties

    Amrita Aunty, Malaika Aunty, Masi and Mom's kitty parties are a never ending phenomenon. Honestly I do not have a problem with this. But I hate it when my friends, want to click a picture with Malaika Aunty ‘coz she looks hot as ever! I mean, she is my Masi guys! Show some respect. I seriously will tell Mom to stop making party plans when I am home with my friends!

    Mom And Karan Uncle Are Way Too Much...

    Sara Didi plans to get married and Mom is excited as hell. But, now this whole wedding is getting on my nerves because Mom and Karan Uncle plan to dance on Bole Chudiyaan! I mean we all know, they do not want to grow up but Godddddddddd Bole Chudiyaaan??? Seriously, I need a break!

    Zoya Aunty Spills Some Beans

    Met Zoya Aunty today. Have always loved watching her films. She and Mom are really close too. I wonder why Mom din't work wih her till she revealed another of Mom's crazy tales. So Zoya Aunty offered, Dil Dhadakne do to Ranbir Mamu and Mom. But Mom wanted a film on herself. I mean, Mooooooom? She wanted to make a family film right! You are too cute to be true Mom. Still I Love you. But I also think that you would have pulled that role better than Priyanka Aunty!

    Aradhya Di Wants To Plan A Party

    Aradhya Di just called up. She want to plan a party for her Dad and My Mom. Honestly, I find her a little overboard at times but still, she belongs to the group so can't avoid. Okay, yeah the party is for Abhishek Uncle and Mom's Debut anniversary. It was a film called refugee. And Mom acted, super strange and cranky in that film!

    Annual Meet For Nepotism Group

    As a community we need to stick together. So me, Aradhya, Abram Bhaiya, Misha all are being taught how to deal with all the sarcasm, which will be thrown at us in the name of nepotism. We all are gearing up for our debut films and honestly, all of us are working pretty hard. But still. We saw what Hredaan Bhaiya has to deal every time Hrithik Uncle produces his films and it does not do well. So, yes we have annual meeting for our community. Gotta go guys. See you Soon.


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