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Varun Dhawan: I Had To Work Hard To Make People Believe That I Am Good Enough To Be Doing What I Do

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'Being a boy, it's lovely to get all the female attention,' says Varun Dhawan with a sheepish smile. And why not, he is one of the hottest sensations of Bollywood today! But, it isn't just all about good looks in case of this young lad. With a string of hits to his credit, the masses love him to the core for he never fails to treat them with a complete entertainment package when it comes to his films.

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We recently caught up with the Dhawan boy for a candid chat prior to the release of his upcoming film Badrinath Ki Dulhania that's already caught everyone's attention for his sparkling chemistry with Alia Bhatt and some chartbuster music.

Excerpts from the chat...


'There Is No Similarity Between Me And Badri In Real Life'

It so happened that Shashank came over to narrate the script to me and read some 5-6 pages. There is an audition scene in the film where my dialogue goes 'Mera naam Hai Badri Bansal urf Badri'. The minute I heard the word 'Badri' I was shocked, because one of my closest friends Kavish used to call me 'Badri' Badarva for fun. I told Shashank to wait for a minute and went up to the balcony. I called up Kavish and told him about the film. He was like 'dude, you sign this film right now, God has done this.' I too feel the same.

I am very attached to Badri as a character right now. But if you ask me, there is no similarity between me and Badri. It was very difficult to get the accent of my character correct and the full credit for that goes to the director. He sat with me for two months and literally held my finger. I have really worked hard on my voice modulation for this film. Shashank basically removed the Varun out of me in this film.

'I And Alia Take Our Jobs Seriously As Actors'

I and Alia share a great relationship and a comfort level off-screen. It kind of translates on screen. I would like to give credit to her and myself that we really take our jobs seriously as actors. We didn't take things for granted thinking that we have a great chemistry. We worked hard and were always rehearsing and saying lines to each other.

'It's A Good Thing That I Am My Own Barometer This Time'

I have been dealing with comparisons with some other actors since I started my career. But this time, it's a good thing that I am my own barometer when it comes to comparison of this film with 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania'. But I am not worried because the script of this film is different. The characters are different. Humpty is an angel when compared to Badri. (laughs)

'I Didn't Take Up Badrinath Ki Dulhania Because There Is Big Studio Producing It Or Alia Bhatt Is My Heroine'

I feel when you do something creative, there is a motive to it. Am I doing this for money? Am I doing this for fame? Am I doing this because I am passionate to push this creative side of mine out? Mine is always the third part- the creative one. Whether it was Remo D'Souza or Sriram Raghavan, they are passionate story-tellers. The same thing holds true for Shashank. He is a small town boy from Nashik. He sees love, respect towards women and male chauvinism in a certain way. He made this film with full honesty. That's the reason why I chose to do this movie. I didn't take up this film because there is a big studio producing it or Alia Bhatt is my heroine. I did this film because of the story, my character in it and Shashank's passion.

'I Was Never Sensitive Enough To The Fact That Sometimes We Are Alienating The Female Sex So Much Much Without Realizing'

'Badrinath Ki Dulhania' deals with male chauvism to a certain extent and the double standards that we have in the country. Somewhere I realise that, we think it is okay. But it is not okay as you don't know the woman's perspective. I realised that because there are certain dialogues in the film, which was meant to be offensive and I felt, 'Well, I don't think any girl will feel bad with this. Maybe I should say more.' But Alia would be like, 'This is very insulting.' I never thought of it in that way. I was never sensitive enough to the fact that sometimes we are alienating the female sex so much without realising. Generations and generations have passed and we have been doing it sub-consciously and now we feel that it is okay. I am not saying that I am a crusader or like that. But I would say that I as Varun have started understanding it better after the movie.

'I Am Glad That The Audience Gave Me A Chance'

My journey in films have been very good. There have been ups and downs. I think the media has been really sweet to me for the number of goof-ups I have had in the public. (smiles). People have been amazing. I had to work hard to make them believe that I am good enough to be doing what I do, like me and think that I am worthy enough or whatever. I am glad that they gave me a chance because many of them don't even get one.

'What Hurts Is When Someone Close To You Doubts You'

What hurts is when someone close to you doubts you. That is when it hurts. Like for example, if you see my lifestyle and schedule now, it's a lot more busier and revolves around films. Earlier I used to spend a lot of time with my maasis and cousins. I have a big family. I don't get that time now. But at times they can misunderstand this as to why I didn't come or pick up the call. That hurts me sometimes because the thing that I want to do more is spend time with them. I miss spending that time. I really feel sad when sometimes people around me or my friends misunderstand me. I missed so many of my friends' weddings recently.

'I Want My Female Fans To Take My Performances Seriously And Like Me For Them Than Just My Looks'

Getting female fan following is amazing. Being a boy, it's lovely to get all the attention. (laughs) It's nice to see the attention. I want them also to take my performances seriously and like me for them than just my looks.

'I Would Do A Biopic As And When I Get Excited About One'

I think it's amazing that biopics are in vogue. People are getting better and better at it with each film. There was 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' and then 'M.S Dhoni' and now you have Dutt coming up. Shraddha is doing Haseena. I think there are some fantastic ones and fantastic actors doing them. More power to them. As and when I get excited about one, I will do it. Right now, I am doing Badrinath Ki Dulhania. For me doing that boy Badri from Jhansi is my biopic.

For a biopic, I would like to portray maybe someone from the army like a soldier.

'Alia Is A Bit More Serious Now About Life And Her Film Performances'

I felt a change in Alia and her growth as an actor during 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania' itself. Doing Highway really changed her a lot. She came out of that film as a different person. Her evolution since then has been tremendous. I think we have the same relationship as of now. She is a bit more serious now about life and her performances.

'I Would Love To Do A Film Where I Can Make The Audience Laugh, Cry, Be Scared Of Me & Then Again Fall In Love With Me'

There would be a lot of serious characters going ahead in the future. There will be a variety. As and when I feel now maybe this shade is needed, I will choose films of that shade. I do the films out of the ones offered to me. I would love to do a film where I can make the audience laugh, cry, be scared of me and then again fall in love with me. If I could do all these things in one film, it would really be an epic role.

'I Don't Think I Can Judge A Reality Show'

Right now, I don't have the time and talent to do a reality show. I don't think that I can be a judge. I don't want to judge people especially on the shows with small kids. I can't tell them ya that, 'Teri marks cut gaye. Mujhse nahi hoga yeh sab. It's very sad."

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