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Vidyut Jammwal: My Parents Didn't Produce A Film For Me, But They Produced Great Genetics

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'I came to Mumbai with an ambition and I succeeded in it three years ago. I became the action hero of the country. Ab aur kya maango yaar? Now, I just need to keep working and everything is a brownie point. I am happy," quips Vidyut Jammwal. The actor exudes self-confidence which gets your attention drawn to him like a bee.

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He gives you ample of heart-in-the-mouth moments when he performs the breath-taking stunts on the silver screen. But in real life, the actor admits that he doesn't watch action films anymore. Instead he confesses that he enjoys romantic flicks more and would love to dabble with comedy.

We recently settled in with a quick chat with the handsome hunk prior to the release of the upcoming film Commando 2.

Excerpts from the interview...


'You Cannot Compare My Character In Commando 2 To Jason Bourne Or James Bond'

You should be inspired by the best; that's the new identity. A James Bond cannot do what I can do, and that's the newness in my movie. My character can do everything that a superhero can. If you make a war movie, it will about war between two countries or war against terrorism. If you make an action movie, the guy will have a mission; you can't compare him to Jason Bourne or James Bond.

'What Jackie Chan Can Do, I Can Do It Better'

Jackie Chan is 5 feet, 5 inches tall; and my physique is entirely different; so why the comparison? Though I idolize him; what Jackie Chan can do, I can do it better. I am creating a benchmark in action. With Commando, we signed a contract, that when we hit a person, we actually hit them. The fighters signed a contract. There were no extra effects added. That is something even James Bond doesn't do. What you see on onscreen, is the real deal. There is a scene where I climb three floors; that was sequence was an dream for me to do and it will change the way Indian action is seen worldwide. That was one of the difficult ones.

'Nepotism Is So Rampant In The Film Industry That You Can't Choose'

At this stage in my life, the most important thing is to find someone who believes in me. For people like me, who are not a part of the film industry, it's very difficult. Nepotism is rampant that you can't choose. So the first thing is to meet someone who believes in me, and then I move on to the script. And if I instinctively feel that the script is good, I go ahead with it.

'There Is A Great Responsibilty On My Shoulders When I Meet People Who Say They Have Been Inspired By Me'

There is no pressure on me about Commando 2 being compared with its prequel. Instead there is a great responsibility on my shoulders when I meet people who say they have been inspired by me. Now, I need to do stuff which they will like more. We had created a benchmark in action with Commando. With Commando 2, the responsibilty was to do something which blows off their mind again.

'If People Think I Am Excellent In Action And Stereotype Me, I Am Very Proud Of It'

Michael Jackson was stereotyped as the ‘king of pop'; now was that a good thing or a bad thing? If they think I am excellent in action, and stereotype me; I am very proud of it. Coming back to trying different genres, I have done a film with Tigmanshu Dhulia titled Yaara; it has great action and lots of drama. So, as an actor, you need to try new things, but you need to stick to the core.

'I Don't Understand Box Office Numbers At This Stage Of My Life'

At this stage of my life, I don't understand box office numbers. It's my producer and director's stress and not mine. I was supposed to do great action and I did that. Now, if it becomes a hit or not, it's not in my hands.

'If Somebody Is Not Good At Something That Doesn't Mean They Won't Be Good Forever; I Am A Result Of That'

I believe in constructive criticism. But there are different ways of doing it. You have to encourage people. If somebody is not good at something that doesn't mean they won't be good forever. I am a result of that. What I do today, I couldn't do as well ten years back. But people have helped me and said good things about me.

'I Am Glad I Am Not A Film Star's Son Or A Producer's Son'

I am glad that I am not a film star's son, or a producer's son; because the kind of genetics I have, no one else does. No one has the kind of abilities I have. My parents didn't produce a film for me, but they produced great genetics. When you are not from the industry, you only get one small chance; and then you have to make sure you utilize and make the most of it. So, I am not scared of anything, I will break into it and make sure I become what I want to.

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