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We Went To Meet Shahrukh Khan For An Interview Post Raees; Here's What Happened Next!

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    While Shahrukh Khan's portrayal of a bootlegger in Raees is already the talk of the town, we caught up for a quick chat with the superstar in the recording room of a suburban studio. But there was a CUTE SURPRISE in store for us!

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    Little AbRam had accompanied his daddy to work that day and made the recording room his playground. From making 'roaring' sounds to indulging in some adorable banter, the munchkin stole away from thunder from King Khan.



    Amidst the interview, the little boy surprised his father and said, "See daddy, I came, look what I did with my fingers; SRK who couldn't stop himself asked him, ' 'Can you teach me how you did it'.  To this, AbRam really made some cute hand gestures and left everyone go all 'aww'.



    Later AbRam yet again dropped by and exclaimed "Papa, where are my hands gone". This time, he hide his hands under the t-shirt and asked his daddy to find it who in turn said, "My son knows all the magic".

    We went to interview Shahrukh Khan, the superstar. But instead, got to witness Shahrukh Khan, the doting father! Yes, 'we didn't realize we were making memories..we just knew we were having fun'!

    Meanwhile, here's the excerpt from our conversation with Raees himself...

    I Consider Myself Fortunate To Hold A Special Place In People's Hearts

    Firstly, I consider myself fortunate to hold a special place in the hearts of the people after working for so long in the industry. I meet mothers who tell me that their children love me. Historically, my films have always had a good opening. People flock to watch it. There is a pressure of meeting to their expectations. Secondly, if I keep doing the same thing again and again then, it becomes a problem for me as an actor. I am heartbroken when something new which I try doesn't work well. Take for example, Fan. I am not discouraged, but find myself heartbroken. But if I try something new and it works, then the happiness that I get from it increases by leaps and bounds.

    Being in this business for so long, I can easily gauge whether more people will love a particular film or not. Most of the people have liked Raees. Now, I am relieved from the sense of responsibility for this film. I am happy that I have made the people happy.

    Prior To Release Of Any Of My Films, I Just Sit On A Black Sofa In My Home & Do Nothing

    My family will vouch for it, that before the release of any film, I just sit on a black sofa in my home, and do nothing. I just meet my kids, and they know what zone I am in. It's like I have taught Maths to my son, and he has given his exam. And now I just sit there waiting for the results with the feeling, ‘that I taught him, so he should do well.' Even if he makes a mistake, the responsibility is mine. That is the kind of feeling I have before the release of any film.

    It's Nice When Someone Who You Have Grown Up Watching Praises Your Performance

    I am very happy to receive praises from Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) for my couple of films. So, it is very nice when someone who we have grown up watching, someone who was known as the angry young man likes your performance. For him to say, 'tumhara mujhe gussa bahut achcha laga' is a big thing. We have a scene featuring him in Raees. It is a tribute to people, actors from that genre, Amitji being foremost. I have grown up watching Dharamji, Amitji, Rishi Kapoor Saab, Shashi Kapoorji. So, if anyone from them appreciates me, I feel that I must have performed well. Now, I am sure that Raees is good. (smiles)

    I Don't Mark A Release Date Before Staring A Film & Maybe I Suffer Because Of That

    I think I am antimarking the release date. It's nice to always have a plan. Yashji (Yash Chopra) used to release his films somewhere near Diwali. Having said that, you should not mark your release dates before starting the film. I don't do it and maybe I suffer because of it. Maybe that's why I am the one coming with lots of films. I prepare my film. Of course we have an end date of shooting, there is post-production and we plan things like that. I would love to have Aanand L Rai's film in 2018. I announced the release date of my film with Imtiaz Ali only after finishing it. That's it. The film is over and we are ready with it. Ironically we don't have a title for it right now.

    But, having said that, promotions and all may have also have become expensive for some people. I can't take that high moral ground and say, 'oh everybody should'. Perhaps we can afford because we make bigger films. But again, the promotions for 'Dear Zindagi' were very minor compared to what it is for Raees. I think creative planning of promotions is very important. How much to promote that's upto everyone.

    It's Very Seldom That You Work For So Many Years & Have New Breed Of Directors Still As Excited To Work With You

    I think it's been a great life. Whenever I pray for someone, my children or people I feel close to; I hope they all get my life. Professionally, it has been fantastic. You can have ups and downs, even though I feel I haven't had too many downs, so I have been fortunate that way. Personally, life has been nice personally and work-wise. But, strangely, my life will be remembered for the work I do. Everything else will take a second seat to it, and I really appreciate the fact that my family understands it. It's been wonderful life. I think I have enough strength, mentally and physically. I am in the position to do some interesting stuff. I have that mindset and I have some really interesting filmmakers coming forward.

    It's very seldom that you work for so many years and have new breed of directors still as excited to work with you. So, it's good space for me where I can be to know that I can be in cinema of their language and bring something new with my own experiences.

    You Don't Have To Give Importance To Everything That People Say About You

    Being a public figure, the first thing is to be responsible. Whether to keep your opinion to yourself or to go public with it is your choice. Being a public figure, you don't have to give importance to everything that people say about you. You should have a lot of patience and then speak very responsibly.

    Raees Has Proven That Substance & Popularity Can Go Hand-In-Hand

    I was very good at action when I was young because I was physically very fit. Unfortunately, nobody gave me action-oriented roles. Of course, I did films like Baazigar. Now, I think maybe it's too late. It's not that I have proven with Raees that I can do action. I think instead we have proven that substance and popularity can go hand-in-hand. I enjoy doing action..it's fun.

    When My Kids (Aryan & Suhana) Were In Their Growing Years, Their Favourite Film Was Baazigar Instead Of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

    AbRam really loved Raees. His reaction is exactly like how the public's reaction is in the theatres now. He is dancing on Laila Laila. Whenever I am hitting people in the film, he's like 'Go Papa, Go Papa'. (laughs)

    When my kids were growing up their favourite film was Baazigar instead of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. AbRam likes Ra One a lot.

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