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BLAST FROM THE PAST: When Sanjay Dutt REVEALED The Truth About His Alleged Affair With Madhuri Dixit

By Madhuri
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    Sanjay Dutt was controversy's favourite child and his life story makes up for a perfect potboiler on the big screen. No wonder, Rajkumar Hirani is making a biopic on him with Ranbir Kapoor stepping into his shoes. A lot of speculations have already started doing the rounds as to which aspects from his life would make it to the celluloid.

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    While everyone is busy raving about the recently leaked look of Ranbir as Sanju, we dug a bit deep and came across an old interview of Sanjay Dutt from the Movie Magazine. Dating back to October 1993, it was the time when the actor was released for a short period from the jail.

    Sanju was now changed man. In his words, "This experience has mellowed me down. It's really matured me. I used to be a very outgoing sort of person. But now, I don't like meeting people anymore. I've become cautious of the people I meet. I like to be at home, do my workouts, be with my family. The few friends that I have all come home."

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    In a holds no barred conversation on the sets of 'Mahaanta', the actor opened up about his misfortune, his go-nowhere affair with Madhuri Dixit, Khalnayak and more.



    'At Times, I Used To Look Out And See People On The Roads Walking And Envy Their Freedom'

    "Initially, I was at Crawford Market lock-up. I was on the third floor. There was not enough light and very little cross ventilation. I couldn't see anything but tree tops and a few buildings. Outside I could hear people's voices and cars honking. My mind kept ticking with tension. Yes, I was in isolation. Sometimes, I was allowed to come out. At those times, I used to look out and see people on the roads walking and envy their freedom. I realized the value of being free.

    Yes, I did make friends with some havaldars. They were very nice people. I slept on the ground. The cell wasn't anything special. I read somewhere that I had an air-conditioner installed for my comfort. All bullshit. I was allowed food from home but I didn't feel hungry. My family came to meet me- my sisters, Bunty. Mahesh Bhatt accompanied dad once.

    My voice was choked most of the time and it was very difficult to see my sisters trying hard to be cheerful and putting up a brave and optimistic front.

    I was confident they would let me out till May 3. But when my bail was not granted and I was shifted to Thane jail, I thought I was gone in for a long time now. I accepted it. I thought if I am going to be here for a long time I might as well learn something. There were departments like carpentry etc. So, I thought I would do carpentry. And I would write."

    'The Kind Of Allegations Put On Me Were Very Serious...Like I Was A Traitor'

    Sanjay had added, "My attitude was that it's better I read the papers and face the situations. I also like to face a situation squarely in the face, Intially, the vernacular press jammed me. Eventually, they came already. The kind of allegations put on me were very serious...like I was a traitor. But what was reassuring was the kind of letters I received from people saying that they believed I was innocent. Also the fact that people were praying for me.

    I have started admiring father. I don't think I can ever be the kind of dad he's been. He's been through pains and agonies and yet he comes out winner. Somewhere down the line any person would have broken down. It's remarkable he hasn't. When I was released from jail he just said, 'Pull yourself together. No more. This is the last time."

    'For Days On End I Could Hear The Clanging Of The Jail Doors'

    Opening up about the traumatic experience, Sanjay had said, "For the first 15 days after coming out, I couldn't sleep. After sleeping on the ground it was difficult to sleep on a bed. For days on end I could hear the clanging of the jail doors. There were four cells before my jail cell and I kept hearing the doors clanging."

    'I Considered The Industry Was My Family & Thought I Was Their Son But They Just Dropped Me'

    "I was very hurt. If a colleague of mine had been in a similar situation I would have raised a hue and cry and generated some kind of support to see that some questions are answered. I considered the industry as my family. I thought I was their son but they just dropped me. I was quite shocked and then I realised that finally you are ALONE. I won't fight for anybody besides myself now. I did it once.. the Press has always been nice to me, but when the industry decided to ban certain magazines, I supported them. No more. No more doing films for friends, no more going out of the way to help anybody. On second thoughts except for a few of them.

    Number one Shatrughan Sinha. He has done so much for me when I was in jail. I don't know how I will ever repay him. He is BJP, but he didn't care. He went against the party and supported my dad and me. That's what I call a man. He took the initiative and then the other people in the industry woke up. For me he is God. What I liked about him is that he'll fight for the truth. He believed I was innocent so he spoke his mind. Shatru, Dilip Kumar..they will always stand by my father. Yash Johar, Mahesh Bhatt, Afazal, Robin Bhatt, Subhash Ghai..."

    'I Wish I Had A Scene Going On With Madhuri. But I Don't'

    Sanjay Dutt's torrid affair with Madhuri Dixit was a hot topic back in the 90s. Unfortunately, the actor's TADA arrest took their rumoured relationship to an unfortunate end.

    However, back then Madhuri Dixit categorically in an interview had denied being involved with Sanjay Dutt. When the actor was asked about it, he said, "I didn't get affected by her statement. I have been her colleague and I have done a lot of films with her. See, I need to establish a proper rapport with all my co-stars, it may be Madhuri or Sridevi. For instance, during the first few days of Gumraah I wasn't comfortable because you know how Sridevi is. She is aloof and I had to get talking to her. So what Madhuri said didn't bother me that much, in fact it didn't bother me at all."

    Talking about establishing a rapport with Madhuri, he said, "She was friendly from day one because she was not Madhuri- the star when I first worked with her.

    When quizzed further if he implied he had nothing to do with her, the actor quipped a 'yes' and quickly added, "I wish I had a scene going on with Madhuri. But I don't! He further said, "Look I get friendly to every co-star of mine. If you see me with Raveena Tandon, you will feel I am having an affair with her too."

    'I Went Up To Madhuri And Said Sorry To Her'

    In the same interview, Sanjay revealed how the story of his alleged liason with Madhuri broke out. He said, "This story broke out around the time of Saajan. In fact when the story broke out in the press, she was shooting for Khel in Kenya. So, when we had a schedule of Saajan after that, I went up and said sorry to her. Because she was under public scrutiny for no fault of her. She took it well."

    'There Has To Be Something Between Us For Me To Marry Madhuri'

    Back then, Subhash Ghai in an interview had spoken about the Madhuri-Sanjay story with great authority. When Sanjay was told about it he hit back, "He knows me very well, no doubt, but not that well enough to know what's going on in my mind. But why should the press ask Subhash Ghai the questions pertaining to my personal life in the first place."

    Further when told that Ghai in that same interview had asserted that he is 100 percent sure that Sanjay will not marry Madhuri, the actor said, "There has to be something on between us for me to marry her."

    'I Don't Think I Would Have Done Jackie's Role In Khalnayak If He Was Playing The Title Role'

    Sanjay Dutt's Khalnayak act continues to hold a special place in our hearts even after so many years. But do you know that the actor was quite clear that he would have never taken up this film if the titular role was offered to his co-star Jackie Shroff.

    Sanjay had said, "Jaggu is a great friend of mine. We have shared some very good moments together. Some very good laughs. So in life, I can do anything for him. But I don't think I would have done Jackie's role in Khalnayak if he was playing the title role. I don't mix professional with personal. "

    Now, that's quite some startling revelations!

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