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BLAST FROM THE PAST: Sunny Deol: I'll Never Work With Yash Chopra Again; He Isn't A Man Of His Words

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Whenever the name of the movie Darr crops up in a conversation, your mind immediately flashes up the image of a bloodied faced Shahrukh Khan and his K..Kiran act. This happens despite the fact that he wasn't even the hero of the film. Strangely, the audience deliciously enjoyed SRK's villainy avatar more than Sunny's presence and Darr became synonmym with Shahrukh Khan. And this definitely left a bitter taste in Sunny's mouth for years.

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The story goes that back then, Sunny was given a choice by Yash Chopra to play either Rahul Malhotra or Sunil Mehra in the film. As expected, he gave his nod for the positive role. However, post watching the film he felt that the Chopras didn't play it fair and allowed SRK to steal away from the limelight from him. This didn't go down well with Sunny.

Years later, in an interview post the release of his film Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, Sunny openly expressed his displeasure about the Darr episode and vowed that he would never work with Yash Chopra again.

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Excerpts from the Filmfare 2001 interview-


My Colleagues Must Have Turned Green With Envy

When quizzed about his colleagues' reaction to the success of Gadar, Sunny quipped, "Among my colleagues, only Sanjay Dutt has called me up. He was genuinely happy for me. I was very touched by hisgesture. Sanju and I've gone through a very similar career graph. We have a mutual admiration society going on. My other colleagues mustn't have exactly popped champagne bottles on hearing about my success. (Smiles) Many of them must have turned green with envy."

I Will Never Work With Yash Chopra Again

"I'll never work with Yash Chopra again. He isn't a man of his words. I don't have good memories about him, he betrayed my faith in him."

I Was Shocked By The Insensitive Attitude Of The People Around Me

"After Dillagi, there was chaos all around. It was more than I could handle. I was shocked by the insensitive attitude of the people around me. Even though I'd seen such rotten behaviour before, I just couldn't handle it all over again. It was terrible. Somehow, I converted all the negative vibes around me into positive energy. My strategy has worked, all those fair-weather friends are back again. My genuine friends have stood by me throughout."

On His Fall-Out With Director Rajkumar Santoshi

Reportedly Sunny Deol was supposed to be a part of Rajkumar Santoshi's multistarrer film Lajja. When asked about why he was shown the door, Sunny said, " I was excited about doing Lajja but please ask Mr Santoshi why he threw me out. As far as I know, the dates and remuneration had nothing to do with my exit from Lajja."

"Rajkumar Santoshi is not my friend, he never was. I gave him a break as a director. Nothing more, nothing less."

Only Mujrawallis Dance At Weddings, Not Actors

"Only mujrawallis dance at weddings, not actors. I think actors should maintain their dignity. Dancing at a friend's wedding is okay, but getting paid to dance is cheap."

I Have Been Sidelined Because I Haven't Sucked Up To Certain Egos

"There's lot of favouritism in the media. Just because I haven't sucked up to certain egos, I've been sidelined. Actors who're not doing well are still being touted as number ones only because they're nice to important journalists.

I believed I had a few friends in the media. But they turned their backs on me when I was going through trying times. That's okay by me. Somewhere down the line, I still consider them my friends. Even though they weren't there for me when I needed them, I'll always be there for them."

I Know What They (Shahrukh Khan, Anil Kapoor) Are Capable Of; The Next Time Around I Will Be More Careful

On being asked if he had something against Shahrukh Khan and Anil Kapoor, Sunny said, "I've enjoyed working with Sanju, Jackie and Sunil... I guess that answers your question. It's not as if I'd never work with Anil or Shah Rukh again. I've worked with them, I know what they're capable of. The next time around I'll be more careful."

Stay tuned for more such interesting tid-bits from the past.

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