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INTERVIEW! Urvashi Rautela: I See Myself As A Female Version Of Hrithik Roshan

By Madhuri
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    Former beauty queen turned actress Urvashi Rautela oozes confidence and makes sure that you are all ears when she is in a conversation.

    With a 'care-a-damn' attitude, the actress is pretty clear that no matter what bigger opportunities are in offer, she will always follow her heart. Over to Urvashi-


    'I Really Hard To Push Myself A Lot'

    Q. Could you give us a little insight about the character that you play in Hate Story 4?

    A. In Hate Story 4, I am playing character of a girl called as Tasha, who is a super-model. What attracted me to this character is that she's a very strong, independent, and very dominating. However, at the same time she is also very vulnerable and very real in nature.

    So, when a person is a mixture of two opposite worlds that makes me and my character very interesting. Therefore, there was more of underground research I had to do for preparing this role.

    Considering the fact my character is a super-model, she also has to look like one. I have been super-model in my real-life, so that is something which came quite easily. So it was like a glad moment for me to portray something like this on the screen. But the characteristics of Tasha in the film are something very different what I am in real-life, as a result for that I really had to push myself a lot.

    In addition, Tasha is a hero of the film, just as you can see in the poster. Also, though everybody is praising about the poster, but I would really like to add here that the thing which I most liked in the poster is the eyes of Tasha, which is speaking loudly and all set for action. They are very real and helpless, but at the same time, they are very strong.

    'I Used To Cry Many Times In My Bed'

    Q. How difficult for you to get over with such type of character?

    A. Getting over with my character in Hate Story 4 was quite difficult. There used to be a time where I could not sleep properly. In addition, we were having late-night shoots, so I was having many sleepless nights. I also used to cry many times in my bed, because it's a very disturbing character. So playing such ones are not easy. After Hate Story 4, I would love to do some refreshing and happy character.

    Q. Knowing the brand, ‘Hate Story' series is quite known for two things - One is the sensuous and bold thing, and the second one is the hatred concept. So were you skeptical to take up this role or was it an immediate 'yes' from your side?

    A. When I read the script, I wasn't aware that it's a ‘Hate Story' film. I really liked my character in it. However, when I got to know that it's ‘Hate Story 4', I took some time and then gave my nod for the film. In addition, I haven't watched the earlier parts of the series, but after signing the film, I thought to watch it now. But then I decided not to watch as of now, because I would like to give a fresh approach to my character and towards part 4 of the series. I want to bring in something new, different and more creative. And therefore, All I can promise you is that Hate Story 4 is one of the best parts among the Hate Story franchise.

    'I Have Grown Up Watching A Lot Of Jennifer Lawrence's Work & Love How She Portrays In A Female-Centric Film'

    Q. As you have mentioned about the poster, and since ‘Hate Story' has been a great successful franchise, but still it's been promoted as Uravashi Rautela starrer film. What's the feeling like?

    A. I have grown up by watching a lot of Jennifer Lawrence's work, I simply love how she portrays in a female-centric film. So I really wanted to be a part of such female-centric films. However, it's too early for me to be a part of such films. A lot of other senior actors may feel certain kind of pressure like how the film would turn out at the box-office and so on, but I was always a chill kind of person.

    But here, there's a lot of pressure in me, where the entire responsibility is on me. I have just taken a risk here, so I don't know what's going to happen next.

    Also I believe that only those actresses get the opportunity to do the female-centric films who are quite strong in nature. For example we have Anushka Sharma in Pari, Rani Mukerji in Hitchki, Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu and Queen, Tasha in Hate Story 4. I believe, a girl would then be comfortable in doing female-centric films when they are really strong and have something inside them. So I take it as a compliment!

    'I Always Wanted To Be A Part Of Those Films Which Would Make Me Feel Proud About Myself'

    Q. You were last seen in ‘Great Grand Masti' (2016) as a lead actress post which you did a special song appearance in Kaabil and now Hate Story 4. Are you very choosy when it comes to taking up work?

    A. Yes, I am indeed a kind of choosy about selecting films. I have also refused to do lot of films, where the recent one was Sarkar 3. Who would leave the opportunity to work with Amitabh Bachchan? But I didn't like the character, so I said no to the film. There are also other great films, which I have refused to be a part of, but I always wanted to be part of those films where just looking at it, I feel proud to myself. And that's the reason I did ‘Hate Story 4' after a gap.

    'I Said Yes To Haseeno Ka Deewana Only Because Of Hrithik Roshan'

    Q. Do you feel that remixes suit you well as compared with other actors. You got some great reviews for ‘Haseeno Ka Deewana' in ‘Kaabil', where Hrithik too mentioned about you. And now as well you are getting the same for ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne' and ‘Name Hai Mera' in ‘Hate Story 4'.

    A. Yes, for sure! Also, after Haseena Ka Deewana, a lot of other actors like Khans, Ajay Devgn, and Sanjay Dutt have approached me to do special song for their films, which I again refused to do the same.

    I said yes for Haseeno Ka Deewana only because of Hrithik Roshan, since I see myself as a female Hrithik Roshan. When you just watch him on screen, no matter how good looking an actor is, but he will always look the most beautiful and charming person on the screen. He has that kind of aura. He is also an amazing dancer, and so is an all-rounder. He is a perfectionist, and when he chose me for Haseeno Ka Deewana, it was a big-thing for me.

    I was truly very much happy. Hrithik also gave me a lot of motivation, which actually doubled-up my motivation power and did my best. Also, eventually it was Amitabh Bachchan's song. So you have to do that thing, which is already big, and now have to do something even much better than this. I am very happy that people are talking about, be it Aashiq Banaya Aapne or Haseeno Ka Deewana. People are talking about the song, talking about its choreography. And that's really great, especially when a superstar like Hrithik Roshan loves your craft and work, and then he chooses you for a special appearance in song.

    Q. Do you have some special memories related to the orginal ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne' song?

    A. I was actually in a 6th standard, and at that time, such songs were not something which you can't proudly watch with your family or even in front of so many people. Also, I was not watching many movies when I was in 6th standard, but I saw the song about 2-3 years later when it got released. I knew that it's a super-hit song at that time, but when I heard the music of the recent one, I thought to bring in something new. I already do 11 different kind of choreography like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Bollywood, etc.

    Just like Yanis Marshall, who does his kind of choreography in Hollywood, so I thought why we can't do his choreography in Bollywood. And that's how his choreography came in this song. Earlier, people were writing very bad comments about Aashiq Banaya Aapne - such as body shaming and so on.

    But when they are watching it now on loop on television, they are realizing the kind of hard-work that we have done. It's not easy to walk or even stand in a heat, and we are doing such kind of challenging choreography by wearing 5-inches heel. You face with so many difficulties, like balancing yourself by maintaining the centre of gravity, while doing such choreography. However, now people are loving it, and I am happy that it has been crossed with more than 50-million of views in YouTube.

    Q. You spoke about body-shaming just now; a lot of actors are these days facing with trolls of the same on social-media. So what's your take on that, and how do you deal with such kind of negative thoughts?

    A. I just ignore it. I am a very positive person and always consider that half of the glass is full, rather than considering as half empty. In fact, I was lately trolled for my Filmfare outfit, but I don't pay any attention to it. Also, people usually forget in a short span of time.

    'I Always Pick & Choose What My Heart Tells Me'

    Q. In one of your old interviews, you had mentioned that you was offered Ishaqzaade, but you rejected the film and choose to go to the Beauty Pageant. Do you think your career would have been something different if you would have taken up that film?

    A. I am that kind of person who always follows what my heart says. Along with Ishaqzaade, there was also another film that starred one of the Khans. But I choose my Pageant, because that was my childhood dream. For other people, of course that dream is bigger than my dream. But for me as a person, this one was bigger than anything.

    If at that point of time, someone would ask me what do you want Urvashi, which is your dream - then I would say my college is more important. Indeed Mr. Habib Faizal (writer-director of Ishaqzaade) approached me for that film, but that time I was living, breathing and preparing myself for Miss Universe. And so that thing was much more important to me than anything else.

    No matter what big opportunity I was being offered, but as I said, I always follow what my heart says and I always pick-and-choose what my heart tells me. And I have no regrets in my life, where whatever decision I take in my life, I am really happy about it and how things are shaping up now.

    Q. Like you said that you rejected a couple of films, do you think that could be one of the reasons why actors or superstars are shying away to work with you?

    A. I don't think, because all these superstars like Khans, Hrithik Roshan or other actors are very open-minded. And that's the reason they are legends. I believe they think very broadly, and don't have time to think about such thing. And that's the reason they continue being in people's heart for such a long time, because they think big, positively and in a broader manner. Also, they are so much occupied with their work and have so many other things to do as well.

    Q. Lastly, what's next on the platter for you?

    A. I have signed couple of films, but have promised myself that will not do publicity for any other films during Hate Story promotions.

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