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    Who Is The RUDEST Bollywood ACTRESS? Here's What Fans Said AFTER MEETING Katrina, Kareena & Kajol

    Kareena Kapoor, Katrina kaif, Who is RUDEST ACTRESS? Reaction of fans | FilmiBeat

    It is very important for celebrities to stay in touch with their fans as they can make or break their careers. But even after that, some stars treat their fans like trash. Yes, it's true! Users on Quora have come up with a really interesting thread, 'Who is the rudest Bollywood actress you have ever met?', where they have shared their not-so-pleasant real life encounters with their favourite stars.

    And trust us, the answers to it were rather shocking. Want to know more? Then keep on reading...

    Saif & Kareena Got So Angry

    A user revealed, ''I was a big fan, but this changed things. I was 12 years old at that time me and my family along with cousins had gone for a vacation, we were sitting on Bombay airport when my dad saw Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. It was late night so there was no crowd at all. Me and my 3 cousins all aged between 11 to 14 at that time ran towards them to shake hands.''

    ''As soon as we reached there I wanted to shake hands with Kareena and Saif so I said hi and before anything I got small push from my cousin and my leg fell on his leg a bit and he angrily pushed me back and looked at me raising his eyes and said how dare you. He than saw my dad was standing right behind me so without telling anything more he and Kareena looked at us angrily and left.''(sic)

    The Shocking Behaviour Of Katrina Kaif

    An anonymous user writes, ''Well I haven't met. Heard from my friend who is a flight attendant. On a domestic flight a flight attendant tried waking her. She called out thrice however Madame refused to open her eyes.''

    ''Then she tapped on Ms. Kaif 's elbow. Whoa ! Ms. Kaif shouted at her saying how dare she could touch her. "Do you know how expensive this skin is ?" Later the cabin manager had to calm her down. The manager explained the protocol system they have to follow. But she wasn't in any mood to listen.'' (sic)

    Kajol Was Rude

    Debapratim Ghosh told, ''I was new in Mumbai, and my family and I were taken to visit FilmCity in Goregaon, where a number of outdoor shooting scenes would be based those days. I was very excited to see the film Ishq (1997) shooting scenes about to commence.''

    ''And to my further happiness, I saw the leading ladies of the movie- Juhi Chawla and Kajol seated a little distance away, apparently waiting for their shot and being given touches of make-up now and then.''

    But Juhi Did The Opposite

    ''One of the onlookers picked up courage to go and ask for their autographs. The poor fellow received an earful from Kajol for having the audacity to approach her! Crestfallen, he turned to Juhi Chawla who gracefully gave her autograph. In a matter of two minutes, I had witnessed a well-behaved and a rude actress in Bollywood.'' (sic)

    Shabana Azmi Ignored Us

    Harsh Jain posted, ''I (a Grade 10 student) had gone to the Crafts Museum along with four of my classmates for a school project. As we were roaming in the museum, one of us saw her, Shabana Azmi, right in front of us with one other person. All four of us went to greet her. As soon as we started to say something, she turned around and outright ignored us.''

    ''We tried once more but did not even get a nod of the head. And this was on a rainy day when not a lot of people were there and only a couple of them had actually recognised her. She could have at least acknowledged our presence.'' (sic)

    Neha Dhupia's Negative Vibes

    A Quora user wrote, ''This one time I met Neha Dhupia at a program where she was the MC. She would present well, no doubt, but she'd constantly show her frustrations when anyone spoke to her. by the later end of the event, the whole audience felt her negative vibes, and the organizers started apologizing for her behavior, swearing never to have her back.'' (sic)

    Hema Malini Shouted At A Kid

    Shaz posted on Quora, ''How can I forget ‘Hema Malini' .Few years back ,we went to some resort in Chennai .There we saw Hema Malini. My cousin who was a kid ran and asked her one dumb question innocently .Where is Sunny Deol? She shouted at him and said ‘Get out'. Cmon he was just a kid.'' (sic)

    Katrina Kaif Again

    Another anonymous user wrote about an ordeal involving Katrina, '' Some weeks back, I was at an upmarket hotel in Los Angeles with my extended family. I & some of my cousins were hanging out at the pool and the hotel's gym was right next to it. Through the glass wall, we saw Katrina Kaif working out inside. My 10-year-old cousin is a huge fan of hers for all the mass-y, masala movies he watches.''

    ''He was very excited to go & meet her but we didn't want to disturb her or be rude. So we asked him to wait till she was done to approach her. After a couple of minutes, she was done with her workout. She was sitting, having juice & chatting to another white girl [May be she was her sister, I'm not sure].''

    ''We finally couldn't hold back our cousin any longer, so he grabbed his phone & ran to her. He told her he was a huge fan, told her she looked very pretty, & asked if he could get a selfie with her. Her reply? She looked at him with dead eyes said, "Umm... No. Then banged her juice glass on the table, turned back to the girl sitting next to her, mumbled something inaudible with a disgusted expression & they walked away.''

    But Varun & Parineeti Were So Polite

    ''Who talks to a child like that? She could have politely declined or at least thanked him for the compliment. But the tone & expression with which she talked to my cousin was of utter disdain. I could literally see heartbreak on my cousin's face after she did that to him. Apparently, Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra acted like the perfect messiahs at this point and spent some time with the kid.'' (sic)

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