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When Shahrukh Khan RIPPED APART Amar Singh For Making Suhana CRY & Asking Gauri Khan To Apologize!


In 2007, Shahrukh Khan got embroiled into a controversy when he joked that he could see 'darindagi' (evil intent) in Amar Singh's eyes, while hosting an award function. Post SRK's statement, Amar Singh vowed that he too would insult Shahrukh Khan in a public function when he gets an opportunity. On March 5, a crowd gathered outside SRK's bungalow in Bandra, demanding an apology from him. At that time, SRK was not available at his house, the crowd left SRK's kids, Suhana and Aryan, all scared!

Later, in an interview to Mid-Day's Sarita Tanwar, Shahrukh Khan had said he would have not have spared the protestors and he would have made everyone cry for making his daughter, Suhana, cry.

SRK Narrates The Incident

"I had to cancel my shoot and rush home four hours early because my six-and-a-half-year old daughter (Suhana) was crying. People were screaming and shouting outside my house.

My eight-year-old son (Aryan) wasn't crying, but he was made to stay in the house just in case someone decided to throw something or scream abuses. That scares me to the extent of not having any fear at all.

If you scare me by saying that you will harm me, I will be scared, because if I die, who will look after my kids? But if you threaten my children, I will not be in self preservation mode."

'I Would Have Made Them All Cry For Making My Daughter Cry'

"I can give my life for my kids. Come on, there are only women in my house. My wife wasn't there, my sister is not well and my little daughter was crying. I don't like it! I am a Pathan and I am very, very, very, very protective about my family."

"If I'd reached before the cops cleared the protestors... I would have made them all cry for making my daughter cry. And that's the promise of a Pathan."

SRK: Don't You Scare My Harmless Kids

SRK had further added, "I would not have spared them. You don't make my children cry. If you have a problem, talk to me. I know where that crowd came from, but now I am being told that Amar Singh did not send them.

Twenty fans of his came from all over India to protest. It's okay. Maybe he didn't send them. I'd like to give him the benefit of doubt because I never lie, so I assume that no one else would either. But don't you scare my harmless kids."

SRK On His Dig At Amar Singh Being A Hot Topic Of Discussion

"It's silly. I have been hosting that show for many years with Saif (Ali Khan), and we've always made fun of people, including Hrithik (Roshan), Sanjay Dutt, Yash Chopra, Aamir Khan, Binod Pradhan and even myself. I am very clear about this: there is genuinely no malice in what I say.

I mostly pick on my friends, who understand my sense of humour. My whole idea of that awards function was to go indoors and do it like the Oscars, so let's have fun. I am no Billy Crystal or Ellen DeGeneres or whatever."

SRK On Amar Singh Taking An Offence

"Within the fraternity, we don't take these things personally. and I would imagine that anyone who is at an awards function is from the fraternity.

If you come to an awards function, you become part of the fraternity. And, if by virtue of that fact I see you at every awards function, you'd better be ready to take a joke."

SRK Was Disturbed To See Suhana Crying

When SRK was asked if he would think twice before cracking a joke, he said, "Like I said, I joke with my friends. If I don't joke with you, you are not my friend. So the next time, I will see. I've been very disturbed after this incident. My daughter crying is not a joking matter.

I take it very seriously. How seriously I take it depends on when I come face-to-face with the people responsible. I wish they'd been there when I arrived, but the cops took them away as soon television channels got there."

SRK: My Wife Will Not Apologise To Anyone

"What I said was a joke. If you can't take a joke, don't come for these events. They're meant for the fraternity. You make a big issue and ask my wife to apologise? Balls. My wife will not apologise to anyone," had concluded SRK.

Going by this old interview, one can imagine how protective is SRK of his wife and kids. Doesn't that make us adore him a little more?

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