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Bachchan family - All in Pradeep's film?

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By: Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Rumours have a way of gathering momentum if unchecked. The cast of Yashraj Films' untitled film now being directed by Pradeep Sarkar in Varanasi, has undergone a lot of changes, both real and imagined. When Sarkar's blue-eyed girl Vidya Balan opted out, Konkona stepped in to play her role. Shabana Azmi's name was also mentioned in the cast.

But the latest brainwave to hit the television channels like an unseasonal meteor is that all the three Bachchans - Amitabh, Jaya and Abhishek will be seen together in Sarkar's film. The 'news' , if such flourishes of the imagination can be termed that, turns out to be absolutely false.

Says the Big B, "Jaya and Abhishek are in Pradeep Sarkar's film. I am not. No one has approached me. And to my knowledge there's no role for me in this film. Of course all three of us are keen to be seen together. And it will happen soon. But not in Pradeep's film."

The project being designed to bring the Bachchans together is called Bhairavi. Rakeysh Mehra has already scripted the film, set against the backdrop of music and familial heritage. He plans to make it after his next project, the autobiographical Delhi - 6 which stars Abhishek Bachchan. (Leading lady, contrary to rumours is undecided)

About the ambitious opus the Big B confirms, "Yes Bhairavi is definitely in the pipeline. Rakeysh has already sounded us out. All three of us - Jaya, Abhishek and me are agreeable. But since it's a very big project it requires a great deal of planning. As of now, Bhairavi is the only film bringing us together."

Incidentally, Jaya and Abhishek are not really 'together' in Pradeep Sarkar's film. Abhishek plays Rani's love-interest. And Rani plays Jaya's daughter.

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