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When Amrita Arora hired parents for Rs. 150

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Courtesy: IndiaFM

College days are always considered as golden days of ones life. Bunking lectures just to hang out with friends is common among all students. That's what gave the VJ turned actress Amrita Arora an 'Outstanding' student tag in college. Here Amrita reminisces her college days with IndiaFM.

Being younger sister of Malaika Arora she has always received that extra attention in Jai Hind College. "Since my sister was my senior in Jai Hind, people were quite curious to know who Malaika Arora's sister was. So the attention I got on the first day of college was overwhelming. I'll never forget that day", Amrita recalls.

It not only helped to seek attention but also to get monetary help from her elder sister. "My mom used to give me 500 bucks a week, but of course I used to spend it all in a day. Luckily since Malaika was in the same college, she used to help me out when I was broke." She quips.

Looking back to her college days the actress memorizes that she used to enjoy making friends. Also enjoyed hanging out with them outside the Jai Hind, Sydhenam&H.R. College campus. Revealing her naughty aspect of personality she recalls that she was blacklisted and there was a system where one could 'hire parents' for Rs. 150. But she failed as her parents were quite well known in college because of Malaika. And she got busted by the principal that day.

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