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What Anna Willed Smith

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By: Upala KBR Midday
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

When Will Smith came to town recently, designer Anna Singh gifted him two of her specially crafted outfits.

Dressing Smith

He loved it. Will said it was amazing and fitted him beautifully. It was his set of Indian clothes.

We didn't have his measurements and made the clothes on approximate calculation, but surprisingly, the outfits fitted him as if they were custom-made. I wanted to give him a dose of Indianness.

He's an immaculately dressed guy and was in a beautiful lounge suit when I met him. Andre Timmons of Wizcraft had told me Will was coming to India, and asked if I would like to do something for him.

Will's style

There are two jackets - a jamevar sherwani and a black and dull gold brocade, interwoven with silver threads. Will Smith seemed to like Indian clothes. A sherwani and Aligarhi coat are classic Indian styles.

My impression

My first impression of Will Smith was that he's such a megastar from Hollywood, and yet he was very humble, positive and friendly.

A breath of fresh air, compared to some of our stars, who have loads of attitude. In terms of power and money, he must be earning so much, and yet oozes humility and positive energy. It's amazing!

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