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The monsters under Bipasha's bed

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By: Bipasha Basu, IndiaFM
Thursday, December 14, 2006
I can't watch horror movies. This might seem strange coming from a girl who's acted in so many horror and psycho thriller movies. But that's it. I can't even sleep in the dark. I grew up sleeping in a bed with my sister. I needed to know there was somebody within reach. Ok, I have graduated to better options. My man, my dog, and occasionally, my housekeeper who curls up on the couch in my bedroom.

None of this matters, until I have to watch a movie in which I've acted. The trouble is, I know the story. I know what the ghostie is going to do next, but I still can't watch it. I am usually curled up with my eyes shut, asking somebody next to me what's going on.

Loud noises make me jumpy. So I'm a complete spectacle in a movie theatre. It's unfair. Why do I have just two hands to shut my eyes and my ears?

I have made three movies about the supernatural. Someday I hope to watch them completely, and not through gaps between my fingers

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