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Priyanka at parties

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Thursday, November 02, 2006
You must have seen many times in Hindi films where the geeky characters wearing bifocals goof things up as soon as they lose their glasses. Now, imagine how the scene would be if such a character in real life happens to be a famous Bollywood actress. Surprised? Well, though many of the fans believe that their favourite stars are perfect human beings, they aren't really that perfect. And this applies for the latest Don girl, Priyanka Chopra, as well.

Priyanka doesn't like wearing lenses and she hardly wears glasses when she is out. This habit of hers apparently has earned her the tag of being the attitude girl; especially during the parties where she is seen to be ignoring people but actually the fact is that due to her blurred vision she can't recognize people. Says Priyanka that generally when her parents are around, they whisper in her ears, informing her who's around and the day is saved.

But things once things got extremely awkward for Priyanka when a friend of hers had a baby and Priyanka went ahead and congratulated his brother instead. This was a major goof up and she was definitely embarrassed. In fact, from that time onwards, Priyanka decided that she will wear lenses wherever she goes to avoid such awkward situations.

So, if Paresh Rawal's character of Baburao Aapte from Hera Pheri needs an actress, we know who can be his ideal match.

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