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By: Chanakya Dhanda, IndiaFM
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Umrao Jaan, the first thing that comes to your mind is Rekha. She has made the character so believable that even today people remember her the most only for Umrao Jaan. Well things have changed. The first Umrao Jaan came out in 1981. Rekha looked stunning in her costumes and jewelry.

It is 2006. Designers, jewelry, costumes, everything has changed. So has the Umrao Jaan. What is ironical is that there is not one, not two but three people who either want to be Umrao Jaan, or is Umrao Jaan or has rechristened herself as Umrao Jaan. Yes, it is true. And why should it not be true, Umrao Jaan is a role of a life time.

Going anti-clockwise, we first have Rekha, who played the first ever Umrao Jaan. Stunning and gorgeous, she is Rekha. Then again we have a rechristened Umrao Jaan in the form of Rekha, but this time around the movie has changed but not the style of dressing up as Umrao Jaan. This look of Rekha has been very carefully selected by Goutam Ghose in his upcoming film Yatra.

Next we have the present day Umrao Jaan. She is none other than Aishwarya Rai. She has got the role of a life time in J.P.Dutta's new version of Umrao Jaan. She looks alluring. It is one of the most awaited films of 2006. She is the second actress to take on the look of Umrao Jaan.

Finally, we have the wannabe Umrao Jaan. Like we said it is a role to die for and not all leading ladies can do it. We have Celina Jaitley who could not do Umrao Jaan, but she gracefully dons the look of Umrao Jaan for a photo shoot wearing a Ritu Kumar outfit.

Well, if the actresses look so beautiful in the Umrao Jaan get up, then all leading ladies should don the look and make themselves look their elegant best.

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