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Ramu, Pritish have sex on their minds

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
Monday, October 30, 2006
When an up-and-coming production house and a maverick filmmaker come together, there are bound to be sparks (of the creative kind, that is!). So when Pritish Nandy Communications and Ram Gopal Varma join hands, there's going to be sex on people's minds. The duo will be working on the amusingly titled Sex Haazir Ho in the coming months.


Says Pritish Nandy, "Sex Haazir Ho is essentially sex on trial. It deals with pornography and censorship. We had been discussing the subject of pornography and censorship when Ramu suggested, 'Why not make a film on this premise?' The title is Ramu's idea and he will direct."

Manoj Tyagi is currently writing the script, and after its completion, the cast will be finalised. Talking about how the idea came about, Nandy says, "I have been writing on censorship for a long time, as I'm strongly against it. I feel censorship exacerbates sexual crimes.

The lowest numbers of sexual crimes take place in countries where pornography is available. A nation where sexuality and pornography is repressed is a breeding ground for sex crimes. I feel that if you allow people to see, read and enjoy sex, only a small minority will migrate towards pornography.

The rest will remain safe, secure, untouched by sex crimes. Everybody - from the police to the politicians, moral police, judiciary and educational systems - wants to control sex. The very fun of sex is being subverted in this search for control."

New ideas

Going with the nature and content of the film, Nandy says that explicit scenes won't be given a miss. He says, "Right now, the film is still in the scripting stages, so it's difficult to say whether explicit scenes will be part of the film. But yes, we will not hesitate to go ahead if the script calls for it. It will be a hard-hitting film."

After the moderate success of Pyaar Ke Side/Effects, PNC is in the process of planning another film with Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat. But this time it won't be another romantic comedy.

Says Pritish, "I would love to repeat the stars, but not the subject. We don't like to repeat ourselves. PNC likes to explore new ideas and new premises."

PNC's next release is Meghna Gulzar's second film, called Honeymoon.

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