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Shahrukh's favorite computer game...

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So you are a die-hard fan of the king Khan Shahrukh? Do you eat, sleep and breathe SRK? Do you know the brand of soap he uses but does not actually endorse? Do you know his shoe size as well as his shoe polish brand? Well, we bet you that this is something that you probably might not know. Off course we all know that he is quite techno savvy but did you mere mortals know that Shahrukh is a fanatic gamer as well. Yes, and that's not all. He has a gaming console at his place where he loves to relax and play his heart out after a hard day's work.

According to him, he prefers to buy his games from abroad as they release earlier than in India. And what kind of games does he prefer? Mostly strategy games especially the Age of Empires. And what about sport based games since he is an avid sports fan as well and used to play football for his school? Pat comes the reply that he loves FIFA.

We're sure with sure an enthusiastic techno freak around his kids will not be really far behind.

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