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Akshaye, the centre of attraction!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Akshaye Khanna recently flew down from South Africa to Goa to attend his cousin Karan Khanna's sister's wedding. Insiders from the wedding party said that Akshaye was the life of the party.

And not only did Akshaye dance the most, he also made everyone dance full on to the Bollywood tracks. The new-look Akshaye Khanna is no longer the private, introverted person that he used to be. Everyone present there were raving that Akshaye was at his best spirits and that it actually rubbed on everybody as they all had a big blast.

Now Akshaye is back in Bombay with a cool Goa tan. When asked about his commitment phobic bachelor status and rumours about him dating a socialite from New York, Akshaye just brushed it aside with a smile. In his enigmatic best, Akshaye just said, "I'll cross the bridge when it comes."

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