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Mallika goes the Hollywood way!

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By: Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaFM
Monday, March 12, 2007
"Is it exciting to move from bikini to burqa," questioned Mallika Sherawat on being asked if she will wear a veil in her Hollywood foray Unveiled at a press meet to make the announcement. Directed by Bill Bannerman, Unveiled is the story of an Asian Muslim woman who dares to break free from the clutches of stereotypes. And hold your freaky horses guys, Mallika shall have to deal with two husbands and a lover in the film. The normally reticent Mayya Mayya babe looking gorgeous in a tiny red number with streaks of coloured hair, tried to bridge distance with the media by vocally making herself available to all their queries.

Hmmm....two husbands and a lover...Sounds interesting...Any steamy scenes in the film? "Ask Bill," Mallika passed the baton. "It will be an entertaining film. It's a thriller that focuses on the journey of this woman. It has multiple characters and is based in multiple countries. It's going to be a movie that will catch you off guard for it enters a world that is artistically great," Bannerman clarified without giving away if Sherawat shall have to live up to her sex symbol image in this film that in Mallika's own words is a "performance oriented role."

For all those who have no dope on Bill Bannerman, well, collect the beans that are about to be spilled. He has a background in visual effects and has been an assistant director to the likes of Michael Crichton, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Frank Marshall and Jerry Paris.

As Mallika expressed her surprise on having had to do a screen test in Los Angeles, Bannerman narrated the Hollywood working style where even Academy Award winning actors do screen tests for suitable roles. On being asked if he foresees any controversy surrounding Unveiled as it seems to be a Western perspective of the Muslim world considering the present world scenario, the director was at a loss of words. Mallika asked the media if they thought it's a controversial subject. "Yes," was the loud answer...

What is it in this character that appealed to you? "It's very unique. Every woman would cheer for her. It's a struggle in a man's world. Since I myself have struggled for my personal survivor I relate to it even more." What are you doing next in Hindi films? "Fauj Mein Mauj. I am very passionate about Bollywood. I've always been very choosy. I would continue to be choosy." What kind of roles excite you? "I am looking at good roles." The Myth didn't do much for your career in West. What special care are you taking this time not to repeat the mistake of past? "In a James Bond film, even Hale Barry doesn't have much footage. The Myth was a Jackie Chan film. And I am glad that you missed me in the film."

Well, you may not agree with her care-a-damn attitude all the time, but one thing you can't ignore is that Madam M loves getting Noticed. And she does that in style. No, there won't be any song-n-dance in Unveiled as "it's a Hollywood film" but one thing you can safely say is that Mallika Sherawat will continue to be in news in the days to come. And by-the-way, Unveiled shall release in the first half of 2008. To the news channels who were speculating about her age, we'd say, guys go take a hike. This shapely-gal looks million dollars. Anyday...

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