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    Dutt sisters disapprove of Maanayata

    By Staff

    By: Upala KBR, Mid Day

    Friday, January 12, 2007

    Speculations about Sanjay Dutt's marriage to Sara Khan or Maanayata, is the topic of the moment. But no one knows that the Dutt family is strongly opposed to this match. According to a close source to the family, the Dutt parivaar is up in arms against Maanayata.

    Passsing phase?

    Sanjay's sisters, Priya and Namrata are not on talking terms with his girlfriend. Like everyone in the film industry, the Dutt sisters have heard about Maanayata's dubious past. An insider reveals, "Anju (Namrata) and Priya were always apprehensive about Maanayata.

    But they made an effort to be polite to her for Sanju's sake, although they didn't think much of her. They thought she was just a phase in Sanju's life, but when they saw him getting serious, they made their displeasure obvious.

    Reveals an eyewitness, "At a party at Bunty Walia's house, last month, when Sanjay walked in with Maanayata, Namrata and Priya refused to acknowledge her and Anju even passed a cutting remark on Sanju's girl to her face.

    At the party Saachi, (Namrata's daughter) found herself seated next to Maanayata but stayed aloof and didn't even greet her. Sanju uncle pulled her up for being rude and reprimanded her dad Bunty (Kumar Gaurav) for his daughter's "bad manners" and "her lack of disrespect for her elders."

    The big argument

    Kumar Gaurav, who shares the family's doubts about Maanayata, is said to have retorted that he didn't need to discipline his daughter for having snubbed someone like Mana. "Then Dutt ticked Bunty for Saachi's short dress. This lead to a big argument. There was some tu-tu-mein-mein about it and then everyone went home."

    Later that night, when Namrata, who had left earlier, heard about the incident, she was furious. "She went to Sanju's flat which is one level above hers and blasted him for reprimanding her daughter. She realised Maanayata was influencing Sanju by complaining about his family's attitude towards her.

    She's a very smart girl and knows how to handle him. Sanju is a very soft and sensitive guy who gets very emotional about the people he loves. After that fight, Namrata has stopped talking to Sanju but common friends are trying to sort the matter out."

    A friend of the family adds, "Maanayata is to be blamed for the attitude of the Dutt sisters towards her.

    Things soured on the day of Sanju's conviction. Namrata and Priya wanted to accompany Sanju to the court as they didn't know if they would see him again after the verdict. But Nitin Manmohan made sure Sanju went off for the hearing with Maanayata in his car. A furious Namrata made her displeasure known aloud in the lobby of the Grand Maratha in no uncertain terms.

    She told the actor's business manager, Kaleem Khan that she never wanted to see Nitin Manmohan and Maanayata ever again. Sanju's family have been with him in his ordeal for the last 13 years whereas Maanayata has just come into the picture and they were right at being upset by being left out."

    Our source continues, "Ever since she came into Sanju's life, Maanayata has distanced him from his family and that is why they are so upset with her."

    Talking about Dutt's admission about being married to Maanayata, a close friend of the actor says, "Maanayata had been telling Sanju to declare their marriage to gain respectability.

    A prominent director has seen her pictures in a escort service agency. Now with the marriage story out, her past gets pushed under the carpet." However, Sanjay Dutt tells us, "I am not married to Mana. There should be some legal proof of my marriage, so where's the proof?"

    Selective amnesia

    Bunty Walia preferred to maintain a 'no comments' stance. And his wife Suman got amnesia when quizzed about the incident at her house, "I was too tired that night. I don't remember anything that happened that day." Selective memory, anyone?

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