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Shreyas lost a finger?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
We all know that Shreyas is an extremely talented actor but few are aware of how well he can act off-screen, especially when he's making someone the butt of one of his practically jokes.

The shoot of Dil Dosti Etc. was progressing smoothly enough at Delhi when Shreyas decided that things were getting a tad too serious for him and it was time for some fun. The last scene of the day was being canned at the canteen of Hindu college, giving the unit a break from the sweltering Delhi heat were these huge air-coolers, the old fashioned kinds with unprotected fan blades, not the sorts you would want your fingers or hands to get caught in.

While the rest of the unit was being doubly careful to avoid an accident, Shreyas decided to get careless. Frantic screams by the actor scared the entire unit out of their wits. Shreyas had apparently got a finger caught in one of the fan blades and was squirting blood everywhere while screaming in pain.

It was so scary, recounts a unit member with a shudder. There seemed to be so much blood everywhere and Shreyas was clutching his hand and sobbing. The situation looked far too serious to be handled by First Aid alone and arrangements were made to have Shreyas rushed over to the hospital for emergency treatment.

"we were so frantic," says a crew member, "and with Shreyas missing from the scene, speculation was rife about the extent of the damage. Some people were even worrying that his fingers may have to be amputated. It was crazy."

Half an hour later a grinning Shreyas returned to the college premises. The joke was on the unit. Shreyas had played a huge prank.

The director was a little upset with the prank but all was well. The unit was relieved that Shreyas was not hurt.

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