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No nights out for Tanushree

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Monday, May 14, 2007
Many of us might have come across crazy people who leave their home to achieve dreams. Just like Bunty aur Bubbly, since her childhood our former Miss India-turned- Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta too had a dream to become an actress, but the most interesting part is that she comes from a very conservative family where she was not even allowed to wear a skirt! So how come she has grown into such a bold actress over time? Here goes the story.

When she asked her parents to let her come to Mumbai, her parents laid a condition before her saying that that she will have to top in exams. Being good at studies, Tanushree came first in her exams and then moved to Pune for further studies. There she silently and secretly began modeling. She tried her best to conceal this from her parents, but as luck would have had it, her parents came to know about it.

Nevertheless, Tanushree some how managed to convince her parents and won the Miss India pageant. Later, when she did Aashiq Banaya Aapne, where she had few bold scenes, with ultra revealing clothes on in the whole movie, her parents refused to talk to her for about four months!

Undaunted, Tanushree continued with her acting and now when her parents have come down to stay with her in Mumbai, she has started feeling that her freedom is being curbed! As they have started putting restrictions on Tanushree's late nights and other issues, she began to feel uncomfortable. But now the lass is trying to be a good girl by listening to her parents as she has achieved what she wanted to be, disclosed a close source.

So now we know the reason behind Tanushree denying any bold scenes in Raj Kanwar's Raqeeb. But is Tanushree afraid of her parents now? Don't you think that it does not matter any more as she has already established the image of a bold actress by agreeing to do revealing scenes in her previous films. Anyways, hope that she becomes a good girl at last!

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