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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Actors often get carried away by their zeal and enthusiasm while shooting for songs and scenes. That's what happened to Vivek Oberoi recently.

The passionate performer was doing a dance number for Apoorva Lakhia's Shoot Out At Lokhandwala with Aarti Chabria and was required to spin her for a shot.

But he did so with so much power that the actress hurt herself.

Spinning damsel

While narrating the incident Aarti who plays bar dancer Tannu in Shoot Out and Buwa's (Tusshar Kapoor) girlfriend, says "Tusshar, Viveik and I were dancing to the number, Mere yaar mila hai gam tera where Vivek had to spin me around with one hand.
It was a short music piece and had to be done fast.But in the momentum of the spin Viveik spun me around so hard, his hand left mine and I went flying in a circle and landed on my knees." The actress recalls being shaken up for a long time after 'spinning out of control' "I was very embarrassed and I covered my face and sat on the ground for some time. My head was spinning.

I was very dizzy! To add to my discomfort, I could hear everyone in the unit laughing away at my plight. In fact, I was so uncomfortable of all the eyes on me that I forgot the pain in my knees for some time."


However, Vivek made it up to the actress by apologizing profusely. Aarti adds that Vivek was a thorough gentleman, "He not only helped me up, he also kept asking if I was okay. He kept apologising for the rest of the day. But I have no complaints.

I had great fun shooting with the gang of boys (Shabbir, Tusshar, Vivek, Rohit Roy and Aditya Lakhia) especially as I was the only girl amongst them. Luckily, they didn't gang up on me and play any pranks."

Aarti who has shot for a sizzling number in the film recalls feeling awkward when the first promo of Shoot Out came out with her gyrating sexily to Mere yaar mila.

"Though I come from a conservative Sindhi family, my parents (father's a dentist and mother's a housewife) have always been very supportive of my career. But they haven't seen me in a sexy avatar before.

When the promo released, I was watching my parents' reaction apprehensively. But dad was cool. He told me that when he sees me on screen he doesn't think that's his daughter performing but someone else.

So he doesn't feel bad. My family thinks I am a thorough professional and they are very proud of whatever I am doing."

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