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Ishaa Kopikkar ate near a dustbin

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Ishaa Koppikar
So, everyone talks about getting into the skin of the character to get a more realistic performance. But the Khallas girl of B-town Ishaa Koppikhar takes the involvement to the next level in that case! For Ram Gopal Varma's upcoming film Shabri, it wasn't just the look that Ishaa worked on. During the shoots of the film Ishaa got so involved that she did things in real life which nobody could think of.

Let's begin with her look. To look like a slum girl, Ishaa didn't wax her body, didn't pluck eyebrows, didn't use any beauty products and, in fact, did not even comb her hair! On one incident, RGV production was shooting in a slum area of Mumbai and during the evening snacks break, when a spot boy brought snacks for Ishaa, unmindfully, instead of going to her make-up van to eat, she sat near a dustbin to eat like a street beggars!

And surprisingly in the entire episode she didn't realize that next to her was a dumping ground. It was only when her make-up boy came and said "Didi, aap yaahan kyun baithi hain? Make up van mein chaliye," that she realized where she was sitting. "I was so engrossed in my character that I didn't even realize what I was doing. If my make-up boy hadn't made me realize that I was sitting beside a dustbin I would have had my snacks there," says Ishaa.

It is also heard that it took a couple of hours to put make-up on her body and face. She even lost weight and changed her walking style also. Of course it got too much for her and after the shooting; Ishaa fell sick and was on complete bed rest.

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