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John, Aishwarya have no problems!

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Aishwarya and John Abraham
Rumor mongers may be having a field day in inventing trouble for the yet untitled film starring John Abraham and Aishwarya Rai, but the fact is completely different. Though there have been some media reports indicating that John Abraham is miffed with this Rohan Sippy production being delayed for yet another month, it is hardly the case.

Confirms Sriram Raghavan, popularly known as the man behind films like Johnny Gaddaar and Ek Haseena Thi, "John and me had a hearty laugh at the report which came out a few days back. It was imagination at work overtime when it was published that John was unhappy about the film being delayed. First of all, what delay? It has just been moved by around a month since I am fine tuning the script. Both John Abraham and Aishwarya Rai understand this and know that this is only for the eventual betterment of the film."

What kind of fine tuning is Sriram doing to the script? Last heard, he was ready and raring to go. "That's right", says Sriram, "And frankly speaking I can get started and shoot at least 60 percent of the film on the trot without batting an eyelid. It's just that the more I look at the film's climax, the more I feel that the desired punch is missing in the climax. I myself believe that there should be a high introduced in the closing portions of the film, something which struck me more as I was narrating the film to the cast."

"If I tweak the concluding part, it would require me to take the changes in close to 40 percent of the film. I want to get this all right before getting into the shooting. Fortunately or unfortunately, writing a script is not really a tangible activity where one can lock himself for 10 days and come back with bound literature. In any case, I have always maintained a particular amount of raw stock which I want to utilize while filming and don't believe in going overboard", adds Sriram.

Sriram may be convinced about spending a few extra days in getting the script right, but what does his busy leading players have to say on this? Aren't they turning impatient? "They are truly with the film, but yes the fact cannot be ignored that they are busy people and have other engagements too. However, that's ok. Even if there is a gap of around 1-2 months in between the shoot when John and Ash have to get busy with their other commitments, I have got enough on my plate to utilize that time. Making of the music and other post production related work should keep me busy."

On his part John Abraham has always maintained that he is looking forward to teaming up with Sriram who has given a new dimension to he careers of Saif Ali Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh. He had earlier stated, "What attracts me towards Sriram Raghavan is the kind of cinema he makes. He comes with an out of the box thought process which is great. I like working with like minded people, whether it is Anurag Kashyap or Sriram Raghavan. I can't wait to face the camera with Sriram calling the shots."

Meanwhile, the film is still waiting for its title. Sriram continues to look for a zany title which would create an immense sense of excitement amongst the audience. Till then he asks one to wait and watch for the film's title by concluding with a chuckle, "Khandaan Ka Pata Chalte Hi Sabse Pehle Aapko Bataenge."

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