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Minissha getting hotter

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Kidnap is a big dud and even Minissha Lamba's sexy act couldn't save the lousy film from sinking without a trace.

It's obvious that the film will be forgotten soon but Minissha isn't over her sexy makeover yet.

She has posed sexily in various itsy bitsy bikinis in Maxim's latest issue. She goes dare bare and full on bold.

Nowadays she's a far cry from the sweet dame she used to be once upon a time.

Looks like post the makeover there's no looking back for her. After all, the sweet girl act in movies like Yaahan, Corporate, Shaurya etc. didn't get her so much attention.

And this girl has been desperate for more attention for long. She even added that extra 's' (Minisha to Minissha) in her name for a dash of good luck.

Well, we all know that Minissha worked out hard and took care of her diet to look younger and slip into a bikini for Kidnap. Then some felt that Minissha is too short and has been always too pudgy to ever have a bikini body.

So the big question is will the so called super sexy makeover turn her into a superstar- something she so desperately wants? Brushing up her acting skills would have been a far better idea!

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