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Sajid, Kunal get ugly backstage

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Sajid Khan and Kunal Kohli
Kunal Kohli took a dig at Sajid Khan and got a dose of his own medicine. There are some people Sajid Khan can't bear to be in the same room with, and one of them is Kunal Kohli.

The Fanaa director is aware of Khan's aversion and that's one reason they keep sniping at each other at every opportunity.

A source close to Sajid says, "Recently, Sajid and Karan Johar were compering the at the Zee Awards in London.

During a break, Sajid, Karan, Riteish Deshmukh and Prasoon Joshi were relaxing backstage in the make-up room when Kunal Kohli walked in and asked Sajid sarcastically, 'What on earth are you doing here with so much make-up on?' Kunal made that dig knowing fully well that Sajid was compering the show."

Giving it back

Sajid was quick to come back with a retort. The source laughs, "Sajid is known to give back as good as he gets. So he told Kunal, 'you know I am compering the show. By the way, I just saw your promo of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic and I wanted to tell you it seems like a f**k-all film!'

There was pin-drop silence in the room. Kunal didn't know where to look. Finally, Prasoon tried to calm things down by saying, 'the promos are not that bad,' but by that time, Kunal was fuming and he stormed out of the room without a word."

Won't keep quiet

Sajid Khan was honest enough to admit that the incident did take place, "Yes, Kunal was very rude to me for no reason and I am not the kind of person to keep quiet when someone is rude to me, so I told him about his promo.

He has been f**king me at every turn and making pointed digs at me at every awards event and I really can't understand what his problem is."

Kunal Kohli, as usual, tried to suggest there was no problem, "Nothing of this sort happened. You can check with Sajid, and I am sure he will laugh about it. We go back to the Zee days when we both had shows on air.

In fact, the comment you are referring to, was made in good humour, and Sajid didn't seem upset at all. I don't know who is spreading such malicious rumors."

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