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Salman Khan slaps Katrina Kaif

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Salman and Katrina
News of a break-up between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were just about dying down and now reports of the couple having a huge fight, in a coffee outlet has come to light.

The scene

Salman seems to have gone back to his old ways. The actor who is known for violence against his girlfriends made a scene with Katrina at the Bandstand Barrista, where he is a regular. Last Thursday (January 31), Sal and Kat walked in for their coffee fix at around 2.30 pm. Says an eyewitness who was present, "They were chatting when suddenly the argument got heated.

Salman got up and slapped his girlfriend across her left cheek. It wasn't a hard slap but it made a cracking sound, leaving the actress and the onlookers stunned in shocked silence. Instead of making a scene, she quietly got up and walked out, without uttering a word."


Salman-Katrina are regulars at the coffee bar and were also spotted there on January 27. Says a staffer, "They often visit us by themselves and in company of friends. Salman has instructed the staff not to mention anything about him or Katrina to anyone, especially the media. But we have never seen angry or badly behaved. This was the first time and frankly, we are all shocked by his behaviour."

Something changed

The couple have been having problems for some time now. But things took a turn for the worse after the couple's return from London, where Salman had gone for the unveiling of his wax statue. An insider adds, "After they got back the couple returned to their bickering ways. Something is upsetting Salman and he's become extremely moody."

When we asked Katrina about the fight, she messaged back, "It's rubbish!" but asked specifically if Salman had manhandled her, she didn't reply back. And didn't respond to our calls.

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