Agyaat suspense leaked


    Now this one's a shocker! Apparently, the highly guarded suspense of Ram Gopal Varma's Agyaat has leaked out.

    Just a few days back, there was an article in one of the leading dailies about how RGV has kept the climax as a top-secret even from the lead stars of the film. There were also news reports about Ramu shooting about 4-5 different climaxes. Well, now that the film is releasing today (Aug 7th), since a couple of days, the trade circles are abuzz about the 'actual' climax of Agyaat.

    The word has it that the climax shows the lead pair of the film still trapped in the jungle, struggling to find their way out of there and also that ...hold your breath...Ram Gopal Varma would be making a sequel to Agyaat! With such a thanda climax, word also has it that the film isn't as promising as it was expected to be.

    While the fate of Agyaat stands uncertain at the box office, one thing is certain that, with the climax showing the lead pair still searching their way out of the jungle, the lead of Agyaat, i.e., Nitin and Priyanka Kothari aka Nisha Kothari can be rest 'assured' of their place in the sequel to Agyaat!

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