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Freida celebrates leaving ex-boyfriend devastated

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The Slumdog Millionaire team might be celebrating hard and the whole of India might be celebrating with them, but Rohan Antao sure isn't one of them. The man says that he hates the Oscar winning movie and won't watch it because it ended his relationship with the film's heroine Freida Pinto.

He thinks the movie's reported off-screen romance between Freida and her co-star Dev Patel, who is six years her junior, ended his relationship. He reportedly told the News of the World, "She ended it with me after getting close to Dev Patel. Now everywhere I go I see them on billboards. I am devastated. I hate the film. It wrecked my relationship. As soon as it became a success and she started spending all her time with Dev, she ended it."

Antao, who is a marketing executive, said the two met six years ago and that he proposed to her in 2007. Some even claim that they were married in 2007 but Slumdog Millionaire turned their lives around.

He said, "The film bosses didn't want her to be engaged. It would affect the whole emphasis of the film, the love story. I had no say in it. I was kind of forced to lie to director Danny Boyle about the relationship when they met at a party. He was very down to earth, but I had to lie all evening and say I was just Freida's boyfriend."

After seeing Freida with Dev at the Toronto Film Festival last September, Antao said he sent Dev an angry text message saying: 'You do know she is engaged, don't you?" but he never responded.

He said, “I feel bitter towards Dev. If you are engaged to someone, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether Dev Patel is telling her how wonderful she is. She is infatuated with Dev. I don't know if they were having a sexual relationship but if I came face to face with him I would have things to say. I wish her success in her career, but I can't watch the Oscars, and I don't want to watch the film - it wrecked our love."

This one sure is scorned lover. We wonder what the effect of his words is going to have on ambitious Freida who's flying high and not thinking about anything negative right now.

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