Shahid hides in Priyanka's car


    Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have now decided to make their romance official. Last Saturday, the couple was spotted leaving Karim Morani's 50th birthday party (held at his Juhu bungalow) together in Priyanka's white Mercedes with Shahid's car following behind.

    Says a guest at the party, "Priyanka walked in with a friend a bit after midnight while Shahid came in after 1 am. But during the entire time Priyanka was there, Shahid kept calling and talking to her throughout till he reached. After which, they both circulated a bit and quickly withdrew to a secluded corner where they remained, talking in hushed tones, almost till the time they had to leave around 5 am.

    When it was time for them to leave, Priyanka, Shahid and Priyanka's friend left together in Priyanka's white Mercedes (MH-02 BG 6345) while Shahid's driver followed behind with his silver Mercedes (MH-02 AQ 4244). While Priyanka is quite happy to show the world that she's in love with Shahid, apparently, he's not in a hurry to do it. He was hiding his face when the photogs were trying to take pictures."

    The source adds that the Priyanka-Shahid love story appears to be blossoming. "Apart from their quiet get away together at Karim's party, neighbours at Shahid and Priyanka's apartment complex, Raj Classic, talk about their both taking walks together holding hands, mostly after midnight because that's the time when the grounds get empty and they have some privacy."

    The source says, "While Priyanka appears to be smitten by Shahid, one wonders if there were hot sparks between the couple when they were dating other people. In fact, when Shahid and Kareena were going around once Priyanka and Harman had joined them for a holiday in Bali. Shahid would often tell mutual friends of theirs that he found Priyanka hot. But as both were dating others nothing came out of it."

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