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Soha gives cold shoulder to Shiney Ahuja

By: By: Upala KBR, <a href="http://www.mid-day.com/" target="_blank">Mid-Day</a>
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It's retribution time as far as the Pataudi Princess is concerned. The last time this duo had worked together in Khoya Khoya Chaand she'd been at the receiving end of his starry airs. Now her career is in a better place and she is relishing giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Says a unit member, "Soha has been very icy with Shiney Ahuja. While he has shed his overbearing attitude and difficult demeanour, she is snubbing all his friendly overtures."

Soha is making it very clear that she hasn't forgotten Shiney's attitude during their first tryst together. The actor has been trying hard to shed the baggage of his past image. Earlier the heroines of his films from Kangana Ranaut in Gangster to Preity Zinta in Har Pal and Esha Deol in Hijack had all suffered his high-handedness. Also his tardiness and his obsession with retakes added to his woes.

Says the source, "During the shooting of KKC, he'd would keep Soha waiting for hours while he put on makeup. At the time, he was high on the success of films. All that changed after Bhool Bhulaiyya and Hijack tanked." So now Ms Khan is making her dislike for him apparent. "This time around, it's Shiney who is making a genuine effort to change but Soha is not cutting him any slack."

Producer Rangita Nandy denies a cold war between her lead pair, "Accident is the story of a young couple stuck in a haunted house. Chemistry is important to the film. Soha and Shiney are aware of this and are extremely cordial on the sets."

Soha Ali Khan says, "What possible reason would there be for me to be cold with Shiney?" When reminded of the issues during the shooting of KKC, she maintains, "I've never had a problem with anyone I have worked with."

Soha: Who squealed?

However the unit member said that after we had checked with Soha, she called up everyone on the production team and made a big scene, demanding to know who had passed on the information about her giving out snooty vibes to Shiney. "Soha called up everyone and wanted to know who had informed the media that she was being mean to Shiney! She is making a big fuss about it.

But apparently, PNC and Rangita can't say anything because a major portion of the Accident schedule is pending and they are scared she might not complete those scenes if they speak about her attitude and tantrums."

Accident is directed by ad-film maker Abhijit Chaudhari. Shiney Ahuja remained unavailable for comment.

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