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Sanjay, Manyata pick up Egyptian gold lockets

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Sanjay and Manyata Dutt were in Egypt recently. While there, the couple picked up a couple of gold lockets symbolic of love, peace and togetherness.

Sanju's locket is more intricate while Maana's is simpler and also smaller. Interestingly, her locket reads Dilnashin and not Manyata. The ancient Egyptian alphabet has no letters, only symbols. Each symbol represents a certain quality of the person. Their driver in Egypt told them about the lockets.

Interesting idea
Reveals a source, "Sanju and Maana found the idea interesting and went to old Egypt to pick it up where such lockets originate. They had the trinkets made in gold. The guy who made their lockets explained to them what each symbol meant."

The source reveals, "Sanjay's S is symbolic of a folded cloth and means a stubborn person. A is for eagle, N for water, J for snake and Y for two reeds (reeds mean freedom or hard to control). while the D in Dilnashin stands for hand and means very lucky and peaceful. I stands for lion that means strong character or a person with leadership qualities. The L stands for feather which means honesty."

Sanjay Dutt also bought an ankh cross pendant in Egypt. The ankh is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means life. In ancient times, only Pharaohs, kings and queens were allowed to carry this potent symbol. A symbol of the life giving elements of air and water, the ankh appears frequently in ancient Egyptian writing.

Hipped out in Egypt
Egyptian symbols are known the world over because of their magical quality and the mysteries that they hold. Depicted in hieroglyphs, these symbols were called, the words of God and were used mainly by priests. Commonly seen ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols these symbols were historically used as amulets of protection and to bring luck. They were also frequently used in both religious and magical rituals for both the living and the dead.

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