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      Yana Gupta intentionally went pantyless?

      By By Raymond Ronamai

      Model turned actress Yana Gupta is perhaps disparate for limelight. The photos and videos of her without underwear have hit the internet world hard and everybody is talking about it, but she is not embarrassed by the fashion faux pas. She thinks that it is the 'funniest day in her life" and that she would be called 'no-panty girl'. So, it looks like she intentionally let the shutterbugs have a peep at her private part.

      Yana said that she forgot to pack her panties before going for dance practice for a television show, and that she had to attend the international children's charity event without it, as she came directly from the dance floor. But the public just can"t buy her justification.

      Questions keep popping up when you think of the wardrobe malfunction – how could she forget underwear when she had packed all the accessories? If at all she had forgotten to pack panties, couldn"t she buy one on her way to the event spot? Why she chose to wear such a short and uncomfortable dress instead of the pants she wore at the dance floor in spite of knowing that she had no innerwear? The list of questions goes on. And the only possible answer is - she intentionally decided to grab the attention of the media by showing her private part.

      However, it"s not a surprise if we look at international celebrities. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and several others have all done it before. They intentionally appeared in public without panties just to grab the attention of the media and stay in the news. Yana too seemed to have learned from them. And she has got exactly what they got – attention and publicity. Today, words like 'yana gupta without underwear', 'yana gupta no panty', 'yana gupta without underwear pics' etc are among the most-searched on search engines.

      Well, Yana seems to know 'no publicity is bad publicity". She will be the last person to be affected by the flaks from the public because she will be happy as long as she gets what she wants. For her, the end justifies the means. Nobody can complaint!

      Click here for Yana Gupta without underwear video

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