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AWW! Here's How Abhishek Bachchan Might Woo Aishwarya Rai Bachchan On Their 10th Anniversary!

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Tomorrow (April 20, 2017), one of the most loved couples of the B-town, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Abhishek Bachchan will complete 10 years of their wedlock.

Abhi-Aish are not just great parents, but amazing human beings, trend-setters and much more. The duo have entertained one and all through their films & public appearances over the years and as they will celebrate ten years of their marriage tomorrow, all eyes will be on them.

So what are their plans? Is there some big party with many celebrities attending?

No Grand Party For The Bachchans

Predictably, there will be no celebration this year as recently, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father passed away and the Bachchan parivaar doesn't want to throw a lavish party.

Last Year Also They Didn't Celebrate

If you remember, last year too, Abhishek & Aishwarya didn't celebrate their anniversary in a grand way as Abhishek was suffering from slip disk. But the actor made sure, to pour some love on his wife, in front of the entire world.

Here's How Abhishek Might Woo His Wife

Like last year, Abhishek might share a sweet post/picture for his gorgeous wife on her social media handles and we gotta wait & watch, what it is going to be..

Meanwhile, also check out Abhi-Aish's old interview, which is going viral on the social media..

Abhishek's Confession For His Dear Wifey

In his old Vogue interview, Abhishek had said, "As a man nothing gives me more pleasure than putting my wife in front of me and seeing her be celebrated."

Abhishek Is One Supportive Hubby

"Whether she receives a Padmashri or goes to Cannes, the most amazing thing I can do is be supportive. Anyone who says it isn't a manly thing to do, that's bullshit; that's really regressive," had further added Abhishek.

Abhishek's Romantic Confession About Aishwarya Rai

"And then the coolest thing is when you are done and back in your bedroom when it's all over, and it's just the two of you, she will make you feel like you are the most important thing in the world. And you know it meant the world to her to have you there - that's what she is so happy about. That's what's most important to her."

'We Feel Like A Newly Married Old Couple'

Abhishek had also gone to reveal how it feels to spend each & every day with Aishwarya Rai, "In some ways we feel like a newly married old couple. It feels like we have spent our entire lives together but it's still a thrill to wake up in the morning and see her lying next to me. And then it likes, get up and get the coffee, woman!"

Abhishek On PDA

"It's not a part of our culture. We are a bit more reserved in how we conduct ourselves. We are not going to go around snogging in public. I mean, get a room." had said Abhishek.


Whereas, Aishwarya said, "When we greet each other, we kiss or steal a kiss like any other couple would do. We don't need to make a song and dance over it. I kiss him all the time."

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