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Critics Review

  • Aatma, directed by Suparn Verma has no 'aatma' or soul to keep the viewers interested in this horror film which hardly manages to spook you! A half baked plot and not enough scenes to scare you makes Aatma a very average film.

    A few sequences in Aatma will give you goosebumps. For example, there is a scene in which Darshan Jariwala who plays a pandit, has this thin film of a sheet appearing on his face. The special effects here is simply awesome. Another scene that is a bit unerving is the one in which Bipasha Basu's friend asks her to keep sharp objects under her pillow so that she can escape from the nighmares that she experiences. In the very next scene, we see those objects flying in the air! Phew! That's scary for sure! However, on the whole Aatma fails to bring a chill down your spine, especially if you belong to the list of frequent horror watching audience.

    Director Suparn Verma also deserves a pat on his back for making sure that there is nothing that causes nausea or gives you an 'eeky' feeling after watching the film. It attempts to play on your psyche and bring in fear mainly through the characters and ambiance that it creates.

    Bipasha Basu divorces her husband played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui after being unable to cope with his never ending torture. Nawazuddin dies in a situation but his soul refuses to leave the world and is determined to take his daughter along with him by snatching her away from her mom. The plot then revolves around Bipasha trying to save her daughter from her evil father.

    Bipasha Basu is excellent as a mother who is desperate to save her little daughter from the clasps of her evil husband's spirit. She cries and yells too much, and that gets a bit irritating at times. Her expressions and her urge to keep things in control is well portrayed. Nawazuddin Siddiqui does the best of the role offered to him and we can be sure that he would have done a better job if the script was better. Baby Doyel Dhawan in her debut film is cute and adorable. However, one cannot help but say that she would have done a better job if the director had helped her bring more authenticity in her expressions.

    Watch Aatma only if you love Bipasha Basu!
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