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    • Recall the age-old adage: Marriages are made in heaven. Consummated on earth. But haven't we encountered lots of people in real life who try to set things up between friends/acquaintances? In fact, they take upon themselves to make matches and meddle in other people's affairs. That, in a nutshell, is the plot line of film Aisha. Let's get one thing straight. You are not exploring virgin territory with Aisha. 'Emma', the Jane Austen novel, has been adapted on film and television in the past.

      Although first published in 1815, almost 200 years ago, director Rajshree Ojha and writer Devika Bhagat transport the characters from this novel to present-day New Delhi. But the essence remains the same: A simple plot and an equally simplistic love story.Unlike most love stories that we’ve witnessed on Hindi screen, there’s no heavy-duty 'drame baazi' in Aisha, no major hurdles to cross, no parental opposition to encounter, no major conflicts to solve.

      The director and writer remain faithful to the novel, which prompts you to ponder, wish the relationships were so uncomplicated in today’s times. But there's a flip side as well. The film runs a little longer [although the running time is 2 hours] and gets painfully slow in some portions. Besides, Aisha lacks the depth of passion and that could be because the makers were trying to make something lighter and breezier. Sweeping the minor complaints aside, Aisha is watchable for two factors mainly: Neat performances, especially by Sonam Kapoor and Amit Trivedi’s super musical score.
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